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4 Go-To Classic Summer Outfit Formulas Modeled On Two Different Body Types

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When it comes to picking a favorite season for fashion, not many people would pick summer. Some would rather poke themselves in the eye instead of go swimsuit shopping. And if you’re insecure about your arms or legs, then you may find yourself dreading getting dressed in the morning when you know wearing jeans and a long-sleeve tee will raise a bunch of eyebrows.

To any of the insecurities you have, know that we get it. But if you’re like us, you may be realizing that you don’t want to let a season of fun pass you by because you don’t know what to wear. To avoid this, we’ve put together 4 go-to classic summer outfit formulas that are guaranteed to look chic this season. Modeled on two different body types, you can get an idea of how something will fit whether you’re taller, shorter, curvier, straighter, or somewhere in between. (Thanks, sis, for joining me!)

Shop the exact look or recreate the outfit using what you have. You know we’re big fans of that!

Outfit #1: tan blazer + white v-neck + denim shorts + sandals + straw bag + hoop earrings + coin necklace

Not only is this outfit combination consisting of a blazer, shorts, and basic tee incredibly chic, but it’s perfect for those with arm insecurities. Though you can’t necessarily get away with wearing a sweater in the heat of summer, people won’t bat an eye at your effortless lightweight layers. (Though they will be getting style ideas!)

Look for a lightweight blazer, like linen or cotton, to layer over your v-neck. This adds a little extra warmth on the chilly mornings and nights. Not to mention the extra layer looks extra stylish.

The v-neck elongates your neck and chest and gives it “room to breathe”. Denim shorts are a necessity, but a versatile and stylish one at that. For a classic look, opt for a pair with minimal rips and fraying.

A pendant necklace will fit in perfectly with the style of your v-neck. Simple coordinating hoops will complete your jewelry look while a straw bag adds the summer touch to this outfit.

We recommend finishing off your look with a pair of high-quality leather sandals for several reasons. First, the neutral design makes a stylish pairing for all your summer outfits. Second, the leather will mold to your feet over time, making them a comfortable pick.

If you choose a pair like this one with minimal detailing and in a neutral color, you’ll never run out of ways to wear them this summer!

For night, switch out the flat shoes for a pair of block-heeled strappy sandals and this outfit formula will take you effortlessly from shopping with friends during to the day to having dinner at the hot new restaurant at night.

white v-neck | blazer (on Carolyn) | shorts | sandals | necklace | straw bag (on Carolyn) | straw bag (on Katherine)

Outfit #2: white button-down shirt + linen pants + sandals + straw bag + hoop earrings + coin necklace

These linen-inspired pants are a must-have for all sizes. The elastic waist is very forgiving (not to mention comfortable), and the breezy silhouette is a great alternative for those that don’t like wearing shorts.

Versatile bottoms like these can be worn lounging around the house on a lazy Saturday or with white sneakers to stroll through Farmer’s Market.

A linen button-down shirt, another versatile piece, gives you more options than you may think. You can half tuck the shirt into your bottoms, fully tuck it, wear it open over a tank, or have it hang loose fully buttoned, all depending on your comfort and body type!

This button-up shirt adds a little tailoring to these pull-on pants, polishing the whole look. Wear with sandals for a casual chic look, but those aren’t your only shoe options.

A comfy-chic outfit like this would look great with white sneakers or chunky sandals as well. Accessorize simply and you have a new go-to outfit for running errands on the weekend!

shirt | pants | sandals | necklace | straw bag (on Carolyn) | straw bag (on Katherine)

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Outfit #3: midi dress + hoop earrings + straw bag + sandals + coin necklace + white sunglasses

Summer brings the sun that we all crave, but it also brings the heat! And in the dead of summer, every girl needs a breezy sleeveless dress on standby.

We love a linen midi dress for many reasons. Not only is the length feminine and easy to wear (don’t have to worry about feeling exposed), but linen is a go-to summer material for keeping you cool in the heat. Plus, a midi dress is a great non-stuffy option for those that don’t like wearing shorts!

While most may think black is a fall/winter color, we know that in summer it can look effortlessly chic, especially when paired with white.

White is a great color that pops against black, so throwing on a pair of bold white sunglasses is always a good idea. A straw bag adds texture to this basic dress, making the whole outfit more interesting.

For a smaller bust, you may find this specific dress to look a little “floppy” in the front. For a larger bust, you may feel a bit too exposed with the keyhole detailing, depending on your comfort level.

However, we love the linen material of this dress and adore that it has pockets!

dress | sandals | necklace | straw bag (on Katherine) | straw bag (on Carolyn) | sunglasses (on Carolyn)

Outfit #4: matching linen blazer & shorts + tank top + straw bag + hoop earrings + sandals + coin necklace

A matching or coordinating set is one of the easiest ways to look (and feel) put together, which is why it will always be one of our favorite summer outfit formulas. And when you choose a coordinating set that has an item in a timeless silhouette (like a blazer versus a sweatshirt), then the outfit will always come across as classic.

Some may think blazers don’t belong in the summer, but we disagree! A light spun fabric, linen, or cotton blazer in a relaxed or oversized style is not suffocating to wear and can easily take your outfit up a notch-or 10!

Pull-on shorts are comfortable and easy to wear, a perfect thing to throw on when you’re in a rush. Another benefit to this short style for summer is that they don’t cling to your legs and make you feel suffocated (as some denim shorts can).

Up close, the blazer and shorts color don’t match as well as I would hope, but I think you’d have to really be looking to notice.

With relaxed fabrics, neutral colors, timeless silhouettes, and the right accessories, this outfit proves that looking classic and staying comfortable in summer can be done.

blazer | tank top | shorts | necklace | sandals | straw bag (on Katherine) | straw bag (on Carolyn)

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Next time you’re in an outfit rut, pull out one of these classic summer outfit formulas to inspire your warm-weather dressing.

If you love classic fashion, especially in the summer, then you’ll find even more easy-to-copy outfit ideas in the next post!

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