white and marble primary bathroom

Creating a Spa-Like Oasis: A Look Into Our Classy Primary Bathroom

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I’m someone who spends a lot of time in the bathroom (hot baths are my love language!), so for me, the primary bathroom was a priority. We wanted to create a luxurious spa-like oasis and I’m in love with the end result. From the marble-inspired tile to the classy touches of brass, everything came together so nicely. Whether you’re looking for ideas, inspiration, or an escape, I’m excited to share the reveal of our classy primary bathroom with you!

Design Inspiration for Our Primary Bathroom

Providence House Design designed the layout for this room and I picked out the finishes. From the get-go, I knew I wanted this space to be airy and calming with a touch of glam. With that vision in mind, style decisions came easily! We wanted our bathroom to be a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, and including design elements like brass and marble helped us achieve that goal.

7 months ago I shared the mood board of what I envisioned this room looking like. Let’s take a look at that and see if the outcome stayed true to that original plan or not.

Primary Bath Mood Board

The Reveal

classy primary bathroom with marble and brass

Here she is!

Pretty close, right?

Though the specific products may not have stayed the same, the essence of the room did.

Let’s start with the vanity wall.

You can see in the mood board that I was planning on these wood vanities, but by the time it came to officially order, they were out of stock. Rather than risk holding up the project, I ordered the white version instead.

Though it wasn’t what I planned on, it worked out great! The room already has plenty of contrast with the ceramic marble tile, and the white vanities balance out the trim color and tile, in my opinion.

I love the way the polished brass faucet looks with the marble top. I didn’t plan to mix metals with the chrome vanity pulls, I just forgot to switch them out!

We have “his and hers” vanities instead of a double vanity and I like this decision. It’s nice that we each get our own space and we can get ready or unready together, without having to bump shoulders.

Does my husband mind the aesthetic? Real answer: Nope! He says that he sees it as classy more than girly (which gave me the title of the post), and he says if I like it, then he’s happy. Aw, what a keeper. (Though to be fair, I did stage his side a little more feminine than what it actually is on the day-to-day.)

The classy feel gets pulled together with the gold mirror, glass shelf, marble bowl, gold tray, glass soap dispenser, and brass towel hook.

Now onto the other side of the room!

As I said earlier, I am a big bath girl. We’re talking almost every night. Candles, bubble bath…the whole shebang. So of course, a soaker tub was a dream of mine.

freestanding soaker tub

On the mood board, you can see I planned for sconces on each side of the bathtub and a hanging chandelier. Turns out, there was not enough room for sconces and the room is not big enough to warrant two ceiling light fixtures, so I chose one centered one instead.

But I’ve got a ledge for candles, a view of nature, a caddy for my bath salts, and a cute table to hold my tea. What more could a girl ask for?

Last but not least, the shower!

marble walk in shower

You may be wondering where the shower door is. Well, our builder never put a door on, but then we realized that we don’t actually need it. The actual showerhead is far back enough that the water is (mostly) contained to the tile.

We’ll go through a winter and see how it feels showering without a glass door, but right now, adding a door is not a priority since it’s not a need. There are still other parts of this house not finished, so we’ll focus on those first.

Though I envisioned the shower head being on the other wall that you face when you walk into the shower, it couldn’t go there because it’s an exterior wall. At first, I thought it was a little funny having it where it was, but it created an “entrance” for the shower. That area is big and dry enough to hold our towels on these gold hooks and it’s so nice not having to walk far to get a towel. (First world problems.)

shower entrance primary bathroom

A shower niche is a great idea and nice to have, but if I’m being honest, we probably need 2-3 niches to actually fit all of our combined products! Of course, this one below is styled and not a reality of our day-to-day life.

But that’s why I really love this shower bench. It’s so versatile. It’s an overflow for products but also serves as a shaving stool for me.

shower bench in walk in shower

We’ve got our toilet tucked away behind a door and though I have many favorites about this room, that’s probably a top one.

Overall, I love the feeling of our classy primary bathroom and most importantly, the function it provides! I hope it provided you with inspiration as you tackle a renovation, a refresh, or a build.

If you want to shop this room, I made it easy for you. Though I’ve already included the links in the post, if you want to look at them all at once, all you have to do is click the link below, and you’ll get taken to my LTK shop where everything is linked!

white marble vanity in primary bathroom

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