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6 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself at Home

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How are you surviving with all this home time? On the blog I’ve talked about what to do with your extra time at home, inexpensive things you can get that make staying at home better, cute and cozy at-home outfits, and nowwww I’m bringing you ways to feel better about yourself in spite of all this extra time we’ve been spending at home! When you spend 24/7 at home it’s easy to feel blah and over it. Hopefully, with these tips, you’re on your way to feeling better about yourself!

How to Feel Better About Yourself at Home

1. Don’t binge on {too much} alcohol and junk food
Did you know that junk food and alcohol sales are soaring right now? And though a glass of wine with popcorn at night when the kiddos go to sleep is a great way to end the day, it’s important not to go too crazy. Too much of these things can make you feel terrible both mentally and physically…and we have enough that we’re dealing with right now as it is! Certain foods can actually help improve your mood too, like fatty fish, dark chocolate, and fruit.

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2. Paint your nails
There’s something about painted nails that makes you look down and smile! Pick a color that is proven to boost your mood, like yellow, orange, or red. Or just pick your favorite color (even if it’s black) for a guaranteed mood booster!

3. Put on perfume (even if no one else will smell it)
Perfume for me is the final touch to my outfit and the signal to head out. I feel put together and it makes me feel ready to move on to whatever I have next. Being surrounded by a good smell (and knowing it’s coming from you) just makes you feel better about yourself!

4. Put on jeans (or something other than leggings)
Not saying you have to be in them all day, because at the end of the day, #comfortwins, but it does help you to feel better about yourself when you dress in something nice and close to what you used to wear!

5. Wear lipstick
What is it about lipstick that makes you feel so pretty? Whether you want to do a full face or go natural with a bit of color on your lips, having some sort of makeup on makes you feel better and more put together. Lipstick and mascara are great options too so you don’t have to cake your face in foundation if you don’t want to!

6. Cute undergarments
Even if you’re the only one that knows they’re there…Hopefully, they feel good on your body too and knowing that you’re wearing something cute underneath your clothes makes a big difference!

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Usually, I don’t talk about something like bedding, but if you’re in the market for a new set then you have to check out this duvet comforter & cover that’s pictured in this post. It’s as fluffy as it looks and a complete gamechanger. When I first got it I legit kept thinking about my bed all day haha… #soweird.

Okay, now that I’ve said my piece about the bedding… 😉

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