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3 Unexpected Fashion Combos That Totally Work

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When it comes to fashion, there are no rules. Though I love classic looks and timeless outfit formulas, sometimes you’ve got to wear something a little out of the box. That’s where these unexpected fashion combos come in. Pairing things together that you wouldn’t normally expect is a great way to stand out as a woman of style, not just a woman of good shopping sense! Need some ideas to get started? Read on.

3 Unexpected Fashion Combos That Work

1. Polished + Distressed

Polished + distressed is the epitome of casual chic. Stylish without trying too hard. You’re taking items that are structured and professional, like a blazer, tailored dress pants, or a button-down, and pairing them with items that are super casual. Such as ripped jeans, vintage shorts, or a grungy tee.

Start with holey, distressed denim shorts (or jeans) and pair it with a blazer. Layer the blazer over a loose v neck for the “sloppy” feel. Touches of gold or sparkle here and there balance it all out. Finish the look off with a polished shoe and you’re good to go!

unexpected fashion outfit combos

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2. Girly + Punk

Tell me, what could be girlier than a full out sparkly, sequin dress? Throw on any kind of leather or motorcycle jacket over anything really girly and you just mastered girly and punk. Girly just doesn’t have to be a dress, either. Look for colors, materials, or any other girly factor such as ruffles or a feminine print. Sparkles not your thing? Go for a tulle dress or skirt!

Don’t have many places to wear a sequin dress? Yeah, me neither. Try this unexpected fashion combo out in small doses with a sequin top instead. Shoe choice is up to you. You can go girly with heels or punk with combat boots. Both would work! Or, you could marry the two and get combat boots in pink. Girly meets punk!

unexpected fashion combos

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3. Fancy + Athletic

Admittedly, I had a hard time thinking of a third unexpected fashion combo so I enlisted my husband’s help. I asked him to think of things that were opposites and I gave him the examples I already had. He gave me some erm…different ideas like red+pink and happy+sad…or something like that. Haha. But right as he resumed watching a sports game on his phone, he said, “athletic plus fancy” and bam…idea!

Bless his soul and bless that sports game.

This combo is really fun. Athletic sneakers are about as athletic as I get so that’s what I used as the outfit example but athletic to you could be leggings, a sporty lounge set, running shorts, or a football hoodie. Fancy items can be anything that seems high class, sparkly, or elevated.

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When people talk about a stylish woman it’s usually because she has that certain something. Sure, it’s not just your outfit. It can be your attitude and everything else that goes into the “full package”. But having a unique yet stylish outfit is definitely a good place to start!

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