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Fashionable Guest Dresses To Wear To a Summer Wedding

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This post may contain affiliate links.

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As the world starts to gather together again, you may find that you have a few more wedding invitations on your fridge, reminding yourself that you need to find something to wear. A year of leggings starts to numb your style ability after all! Whether you got invited to a beach wedding, an outdoor wedding, or a fancy black-tie wedding, whatever the occasion, here are the best fashionable dresses to wear to a summer wedding!

Beach/ Destination Wedding

lightweight fabrics, loose silhouettes, colorful pieces, interesting prints

Sure, you’re there to celebrate the happy couple but no one can complain about a reason to take some time off work and spend a few days under that hot, tropical sun!

And while yes, the color white may make your new tan pop, it goes without saying that only the bride wears a white dress. Though it doesn’t mean your dress can’t have a little bit of white in it as long as it’s incorporating a pattern or print, such as floral print. That’s a great option for a beach wedding!

Though it’s certainly not a requirement, think about the time of day the wedding will be held in correlation to your outfit. Is it a beach wedding while the sun goes down? Then a sunset hue dress like deep orange would be perfect!

Nobody is expecting you to try to walk on the sandy beach in heels. Instead, sandals like these, these, and these would be nice. Just leave the shower flip-flops back at the hotel!

Also, it’s easy to get a little too casual at a beach wedding. Avoid wearing a dress that resembles a swimsuit coverup or reveals too much skin. Strapless and halter dresses are okay, just avoid too many cutouts like this one, as an example.

Outdoor wedding

breezy fabrics, romantic silhouettes, floral prints, pastel colors

Are the summer nuptials being held outdoors or at a park? Garden party dresses and dresses with a small floral print would be perfect for these summer celebrations.

If you’re somebody that loves color, then take the time of day into consideration to rock your bold hue. Is it a garden wedding held in the middle of the day? Because bright colors would be more appropriate for a daytime wedding than say, a morning or evening wedding. And remember, though bright colors are okay, just try to avoid anything neon. You don’t want to be the talk of the party after all!

For footwear, think of a block heel as your summer stiletto equivalent. Still dressy, but more casual for the warmer weather! Strappy sandals, polished flats, and espadrilles make great options too.

For an evening wedding, consider bringing a lightweight cardigan just incase you get a little chilly.

Black tie weddings

darker colors, formal lengths, less prints, elevated hair and makeup, dresses with more bling and details

Don’t worry, a formal wedding doesn’t have to mean a stuffy new outfit as you probably want to break loose on the dance floor after all! For formal weddings, you can never go wrong with a black dress. Lightweight fabrics (like silk, satin, and chiffon) can still be dressy while also being more comfortable for the hotter weather.

Sheath dresses are good options for fancier occasions as well, and of course, cocktail dresses are your go-to’s for formal events.

Semi-formal wedding

knee length and midi dresses, flirty detailing such as ruffles and lace

This type of wedding is usually held indoors. It’s fancier than a beach wedding but not as formal as a black-tie event. This special occasion calls for a look right in the middle! The bride and groom want you to look nice and presentable, but renting a tux isn’t necessary.

Semi-formal generally means shorter hemlines, so a flirty cocktail dress would be perfect, but you’re not limited to it. A formal floor-length gown may be a little much, and instead, a flowy maxi dress would be a better option. If you tend to feel overwhelmed in lots of fabric, then a midi dress is a great compromise!

Take the location into consideration as you plan out your look as well. If it’s in a church, then you’d probably want to err on the side of modesty for respect, and if it’s held at a community center, then you can get away with dressing more casually. If the air conditioning is on and you tend to get cold easily, then look for a dress with sleeves.


When it comes to accessories, not much is needed, but take your occasion into consideration. At a black-tie wedding, you may want to go for simple and classic jewelry, such as diamond, gold, or pearl earrings and necklaces.

For more casual weddings, you can get away with more playful accessories, such as tassel earrings and hoops. Of course, you can never go wrong with classic gold earrings for any occasion!

A wallet clutch with a chain is the perfect chic accessory to store your essential items and keep your hands free, without having to lug around a heavy purse.

If you want access to a designer gown, then don’t forget about Rent the Runway. Your only problem will be picking just one dress you love!

Though you can never go wrong with a dress, it’s not your only option to look fashionable. That’s where the jumpsuit comes in!
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dresses to wear to a summer wedding
dresses to wear to a summer wedding


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