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  1. Your sweet boy looks like he had the time of his life!! I love that you are so conscious of him as you include him in your photos. I think even the fact that you are so aware of it and WANT to honor his wishes as he gets older is a huge deal. You’re a great mama!

  2. Goodness! I’m sure these gorgeous photos will be cherished forever by both of you! I love that you’re already thinking about how to navigate this blogging thing once he gets older….such a tough thing to really plan for, and who even knows what social media will look like by then…ya know? Glad you all are clearly enjoying these precious times!

  3. Oh my goodness, I would die for your hair! Plus your little man even got the curls and he couldn’t be any cuter. I could 100% go for a beach day right now, so I’m living through your pictures haha. Looked like you had such an amazing day!

    xoxo Bryanna

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