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Farmhouse & French Country Pieces to get at Ikea

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I haven’t met anyone yet that doesn’t just love Ikea. And I don’t know if I will either. With great decor, great furniture, and great prices…what’s not to love?

Most people block off a whole day when planning to stock up at their nearest Ikea. That’s what we did with the idea of looking at their countertops and stocking up on some kitchen items (among other things…whoops) for when we finally did replace our existing countertops.

The upgrade didn’t happen right away, so all my new fancy decor just sat in the basement and I couldn’t wait to get it all out for this post to show you not only what you can get at Ikea if you have a farmhouse/french country decor style, but also how you can actually use it too.

1. VARDAGEN off-white coffee cup & saucer ($2.99)
mug and saucer

These are just the cutest things. I love them so much. They make great decor, but you can actually use them too. Because of the classic shape and color, they don’t have to be hidden behind a cupboard, but instead, put on display. It’ll make it even easier to grab when you do use them. I have mine on display on my coffee cart.

coffee cart

2. ARV BRÖLLOP cake stand with lid ($8.99)
covered cake stand
Mine is currently used as decor without the lid, but I have a feeling I’ll probably move this around a lot because of its versatility. Having it on display on my coffee cart helps me remember that it can actually be used if I have any cakes or pastries to serve.

coffee cart

3. VIGDIS cushion cover ($7.00)
ikea pillow cover

I used to balk at the prices of throw pillows until I discovered the method of just buying basic pillows and covering them. It’s way cheaper and has way more options to switch out for decor changes, seasons, etc. These make a great basic to mix and match with busier patterns.

french country couch

4. TEKLA dish towel ($0.79)
dish towel ikea
With a design this simple and cute and a price this low, how can you not stock up? I picked up a ton and I use them all over the kitchen. Some are being used as decor on my coffee cart and some are rolled up on my countertops for easy grabbing. coffee cartfrench country kitchen makeover french country kitchen makeover

5. FEJKA artificial plants ($4.99)
artificial plant ikea artificial plant ikea

I do love real plants and the way they look in the house and the health benefits they provide, but it does get a little old when I keep killing them over and over again.

By using the greenery from Ikea you can get the look of plants without worrying about them dying soon. There are many different styles and I got some of each (with pots separately) and use them mainly in my dining room and kitchen, but will probably move them around the house when I want to switch things up.

french country kitchen makeover french country kitchen makeover

6. FRIDFULL ($5.99), SOCKER ($1.99), MUSKOT ($1.99)
ikea pots ikea pots ikea pots

The pots are sold separately to the artificial plants, but that doesn’t mean their only purpose is to hold plants. Feel free to get creative to what you do with them.

french country kitchen makeover french country kitchen

7. SIGNE rug ($3.99)
ikea rug
I cannot believe how nice it looks for $3.99. The stripes remind me of French ticking and the red is a nice shade without being too bold or overpowering.
french country kitchen

8. SOCKERÄRT vase ($14.99)
ikea pitcher

It’s holding some pretty (fake) flowers for me now, but this can actually be used for drinks as well. Double duty!
french country kitchen makeover

9. PROPPMÄTT cutting board ($7.99)
ikea cutting board

This is heavy duty and great to use, but also looks great sitting on my countertop when it’s off duty.

french country kitchen

This is by no means the exhaustive list of what you can get at Ikea, but I can’t buy everything for you 😉

Hopefully, this list is a great start to inspire your decor!

What pieces are you going to get at Ikea now?

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