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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! It looks sooooooooo good! I almost don’t recognize the place. I love the extra seating area you placed in, now people can sit and visit while others work in the kitchen. And I love all the plants you have. You’ve inspired me to want to brighten up my kitchen (realistically I won’t make any changes in the near future because #momlife, but it’s a good feeling to be inspired ?).

  2. Great job! It’s a major improvement. I would recommend getting an LED ceiling light similar to the traditional fluorescent balast. They are more streamlined than the old styles and will give you a ton of working light.

    • Thanks! I am trying to remember-this was our first home. Maybe it was around $500-$800 for our kitchen?

  3. We built a new home over 4 years ago and decided to got with butcher block in one area and laminate in another and we are so glad we did!!! I have always had laminate but thought that maybe we should consider going higher end in our new house. I am so glad we installed the laminate. I agree the stigma of the lower grade surface is pretty ridiculous. BTW, your kitchen looks awesome!!!

    • Thank you!! We are in a new house now and trying to decide what we should do for countertops again. Butcher block has always been something I’ve wanted to try too!

  4. Wow that’s beautiful! I’ve also chosen laminate but haven’t decided completely. I have the French Country look as well. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Very pretty! I know with laminate there is a seam, but wonder how that worked with the pattern you chose. Also, is the base for that pattern really white or cream-based?

    • We did have a seam and it was in the corner where two pieces met. It wasn’t glaringly obvious but you could tell it was there. If I remember correctly, it was more white-based!

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