time at home in the living room

How to Make the Most Out of Your Time at Home

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Whether out of precaution or necessity, you may find yourself at home a lot more lately. And though my intention is not to add fuel to the {fear} fire, I do want to give you some ideas on how you can make the most out of your time at home. Since maximizing your wardrobe is what we do here, why not maximize your time at home too? Because the last thing we want is to be bored or worse, unproductive! 😉

How to Make the Most Out of Your Time at Home

time at home in the living room

1. Pick a home project to DIY- Spring is the perfect time to update your home or do something new! Paint your room that bold color you’ve always wanted to try. Put up a new kitchen backsplash. Spraypaint some picture frames. Refurbish an old dresser. Do a budget-friendly living room makeover. The options are endless!

2. Try out some beauty tutorials- Not up to a beauty influencer skill level? Me either. Though my talent isn’t there, the desire is. Now’s the time to watch all those beauty tutorials. And if you mess up? Well hey, no one’s gonna see it anyway! 😉

3. Catch up on your favorite blogs- Like *ahem* this one 😉 With places unfortunately closing, now you have more time than ever to catch up on the blogs you love or discover some new ones! When I want French Country home inspo I go here, here for amazing photos, and here for classic fashion!

4. Facetime a friend- Feeling a little isolated? Videochat a friend and gab away- it’s almost like they’re physically in the same room as you!

5. Do an online workout video- Even if your gym is closed or you just don’t want to be around people touching the same machines, there’s no excuse not to stay active! I’ve used Fitness Blender in the past and it really helped me lose weight + tone up!

6. Try that hobby you’ve always wanted to try- Is it learning how to use the sewing machine that’s collecting dust in your closet? The guitar still sitting in its case? Paintbrushes left unopened? Fill in the blank: I’ve always wanted to learn how to ____. Now go do it!

7. Experiment in the kitchen– On a scale of Gordon Ramsey or Worst Cook in America, where do you fall haha? Admittedly, I’m closer to the latter. Either way, stretch your cooking ability or improve your skills without any guests over to accidentally poison. 😉

8. Whittle down your “honey-do” list- Do you have an ongoing list of home projects you need your honey to do? Give him a gentle nudge or just use this time to do it yourself! Empty list= clear mind.

9. Try out some new photography styles- Whether you’re a professional, hobbyist, or somewhere in between, lots of indoor time is perfect to stretch your creative muscle. Are you a Youtuber? Then try editing your videos in a new way!

10. Declutter your home- Spring cleaning, y’all! No, I’m not from the south, but that just seemed right to say. If you’re home a lot more that means you’re going to see your stuff a lot more too. Can’t escape it…it’s time to clear it out! Don’t forget about your garage or storage locker either…

11. Gather inspiration on Pinterest– Tired of all the exercise, cooking, and home projects you’ve been doing? Or maybe you want to gather inspo for your style, {future} travels, or home, either way…scrolling and gathering inspiration on Pinterest is one of my favorite things to do! You can check out my most popular fashion board here, home board here, and travel board here.

12. Read the books you’ve been saving
– You know, the ones you’ll read when you *finally* have time? 😉 Dust off those covers, make a cup of tea, and read, read, read!

13. Organize your wardrobe- It’s a good time to pack away your heavy coats anyway, with spring being right around the corner. So why not take it a step further and toss these things + refresh your closet!

14. Pamper yourself- Do a DIY spa night and treat yo self! Make a face mask, paint your nails, listen to calming music, drink tea, and take a long soak. Soak away the troubles of the world…

15. Start a new tv series– Nothing like getting wrapped up in something new to make time go by faster. Or maybe you just feel like laughing off the blues. My favorite tv show comedies are: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Office, Superstore, and Parks & Rec

16. Snuggle party with your kiddos- It can be easy to let yourself feel super frustrated and annoyed with all the extra “quality time”. 😉 Turn the extra time into something good by watching movies together (with lots of snuggling), building forts, playing games together, and looking at more time as a good thing…because it is!

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This list doesn’t include everything by far, in fact, if you follow this link you’ll get a million more ideas!

But I do hope this inspires you to make the most out of your time at home and that it shows you that you can do more than just be fearful and watch the news. And that all this home time could actually be better than you expect! Now, go check out this post for 9 inexpensive things that will drastically make your time at home better!

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