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7 French Country Bathroom Vanity Options (& What I’m Getting For Our Build)

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A bathroom vanity is usually the largest piece of furniture in the bathroom. It will set the tone for the entire room. This piece should not be overlooked and instead, probably best if you planned the entire room around it! Point is, the right vanity is important to achieve the elegant yet casual French country look. Here are 7 French country bathroom vanity options that will look beautiful in your inspired French bathroom!

When it comes to picking out a vanity for your bathroom, it’s important to know that the general rules of French country style still apply in this not very glamorous but still very important room.

French country furniture has a solid, old-world appearance. Traditionally, furniture was passed down from generation to generation. We covet and buy the farmhouse table with dents and dings, whereas this just happened naturally!

When shopping for your French country bathroom vanity, think antique, weathered, and rustic, but also a little glam and elaborate. Rustic elements are a good thing to look for to bring in the old world look.

Personally, I am not a big fan of the super ornate and elaborate vanities, as these can tend to look a little over done. But engravings and details all matter, just in moderation. In a modern or contemporary French country bathroom, you would see more of a streamlined vanity look with luxe details.

Think of your bathroom vanity like a piece of furniture, and look for something that resembles an armoire, sideboard table, dresser, or even a table for a French country look.

Or, you could even just take a piece of furniture-style cabinet that would normally go in your living room and convert it! That’s what we did with a console table in our current bathroom. Putting an oval sink over a table is a very chic and unique look.

From a double door cabinet to a mini vanity for powder rooms, here are 7 French country bathroom vanities that would look beautiful in your space.

French Country Bathroom Vanities


French country bathroom design skates between rustic and elegant. Your room isn’t complete without sconces and gold leaf vanity mirrors. An antique clawfoot tub is an historical part of a French country design.

Natural materials, such as solid wood, are always a good idea. Ideally, you’d have a slightly rustic look balanced out with beautiful antiques. If antique style is not totally your thing and you’re doing more of a luxury bathroom remodel, then focus on less ornate pieces and instead, splurge on high-quality materials such as marble, wood, or stone floors.

In America, we don’t tend to put hardwood in the bathrooms, so wood tile would be a good substitute to still get that country character.

For successful interior design, mix different elements in your bathroom and practice layering of different designs. Start with a neutral space and add country elements such as a beadboard finish and natural textures such as a wicker basket.

If you lean towards the cottage side of things, then look for details such as beadboard panels and shutters. Add glam elements such as a marble top, antique brass hardware, and gold vintage mirrors.

If you have plenty of space, incorporate an armoire or similar antique-style piece. Not only will that provide plenty of storage space, but French style isn’t complete without an armoire!

For your bathroom, keep the color scheme subued and subtle. French design is not usually very bold and instead, gathers inspiration from the colors you would see in the French countryside, such as sage green and soft yellow.

Now, as far as what I’m eyeing for our build.

I am absolutin tootin obsessed with this one for our master bathroom and though it hasn’t been ordered, I’m 99% sure I’ll go with it, as I’ve had all the heart eyes for it- for about a year now. I picture it with brass hardware. Ooh la la.

And for the guest bath which will also be the boys’ bathroom, I’m picturing this one, though I’m not 100% yet. The cleaner lines make it a little more contemporary, while the wood finish is still rustic. The marble top adds the glam touch, so I think it strikes all the right notes for a shared bathroom!

Solid Wood Sink Vanity With Marble Top, 48", Bathroom Vanities, by Legion Furniture

There are many different French country styles. To dive deeper into the popular styles, keep reading!

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