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How To Organize Scarves To Keep Them Accessible and Well-Maintained

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No matter how big or small your scarf collection is, you need a storage solution for them. There is no denying that the key to maintaining the quality of your scarves collection lies in the way you organize them. However, finding a scarf storage idea becomes quite tricky, especially when all you can find are hundreds of products available for makeup, shoes, and purses.

If you are on the hunt for organizing ideas that are worthy of your scarf collection, let us show you how to organize scarves. From clear storage bins to put on your closet shelf to velvet hangers, these creative ideas are the perfect balance between functional and stylish. Keep scrolling to get some inspiration!

1. Belt/Scarf Hangers for Closet

Skip the plastic shower rings and opt for these individual scarf hangers instead. They are a great way of giving you easy access to your scarves so you no longer have to rummage through your baskets or drawers.

This set of scarf hangers is also perfect for thinner scarves, so you can stack more than one scarf on one hanger. The rings are big enough so you can also store your thick winter scarves.

Reviews about this scarf organizer: “I have almost 90 scarves & I tried organizing with shower rings on hangers. That worked except it was a pain to get them on and off, and rings slid on the hanger. I recently got curtain clips to put each scarf on and then on the shower ring. Better, but they still slid on the hangers. Then I found these! I got them yesterday, and I got all my scarves onto the eight rings with two shower rings per hanger (each with several scarves). These hold 15lbs each, so more than enough to hold multiple scarves. What a difference when I hung them in the closet! Goodbye mess and clutter!

2. Velvet Scarf Hanger

This ten-loop hanger is a perfect solution for anyone with a lot of scarves. Rather than putting all your scarves at the back of your closet door, place them on this ten-loop hanger. It is an easy peasy way to hide away your scarf collection neatly.

What makes this hanger better than ordinary cloth hangers is that is made from velvet. This material will prevent your scarves from falling off and getting lost in your closet. The velvet hanger also has a slim design which increases closet space. So if you have a small amount of space in your closet, this hanger will come in handy.

Reviews about this scarf organizer:I love this rack. It holds so many of my scarves. I was so excited that it was a two-pack, so double the storage room. I would recommend this product to anyone. It is sturdy and does not break under the weight of multiple pieces.

3. Divided Drawer and Closet Storage Bin

Follow the Marie Kondo method to organize your scarves. If you have never heard of this organizing expert, she has a best-selling book called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” In this book, she gives creative ways to organize scarves, including neatly folding and stacking scarves side-by-side in a box.

This method is all about the placement of the scarves. You will have to place the scarves vertically so you can glance at your collection to find a particular scarf you need. It is better than stacking your scarves horizontally as you can only see a bit of the scarf.

This scarf organizing solution is also a good option because it will prevent your scarves from getting wrinkled.

Reviews about this scarf organizer: “These are a little big for most drawers but they are so good. They are sturdy and clear so you can see what’s in it. Love them so much about to buy more. Good for organizing food in the pantry, for intimate wear, office supplies and so much more.”

4. Honeycomb Separator Adjustable Drawer Organizer

Another good idea you need to try to store scarves is with this dresser drawer organizer. It’s a great way to stop your scarves from getting jumbled up.

You can neatly separate your scarves to make them easy to find. Getting ready in the morning will be a breeze!

Review about this scarf organizer: “They come separately. You have to pop them together. They can be taken apart but don’t come apart on their own. These created SO much more space in my drawers! I’m ordering more.

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5. Whitmor Swivel Tie Hanger with Belt Loops

There are clever ways you can learn how to organize scarves! For example, you can try using a tie hanger. Since ties and scarves have a similar design, this hanger can work with your scarves.

It may look like a simple hanger, but it can hold up to 24 scarves. It also features a 360-degree swivel which you can use to rotate and find your favorite scarves easily.

Review about this scarf organizer: “I purchased one of the round tie racks first because it was a little cheaper, but they take up too much space in the closet. This one is perfect. It hangs ties vertically so that it takes up very little closet space. In addition, it has a plastic coating on the metal tines – this prevents loose threads on the ties from catching on metal and pulling. My favorite feature is the fact that it swivels – that allows me to turn the entire rack toward me and see the ties before choosing one.

6. Bust Display Stand 

bust display stand

If you have a small scarf collection and you want them on display, then this is a perfect idea to use for your scarves. Even though it’s for necklaces, you can use it as a scarf display to hold your favorite accessory instead.

The stand will add a chic and practical touch to your dresser or vanity. And if you have a special occasion coming up and you want to remember where you put a specific scarf, you can use this mannequin stand.

Review about this organizer: “I sell jewelry online; these busts are invaluable! I love the broadness of the collar bone on the bust as additional jewelry can be placed there. This works great for jewelry sets. Most importantly they are tool photo opportunities.”

7. Hanging Jewelry Organizer Tiered Tabletop

A jewelry organizer is an elegant way of neatly arranging your scarves. Keeping this on your tabletop, it is the easiest way of finding your go-to scarves. You don’t have to worry about losing your expensive silk scarves.

It has three tiers that provide space to avoid your scarves from getting tangled. This stand would be perfect for your smaller scarves or if they are long, you can tie them around the rod.

Review about this organizer: “I love this stand!!! It’s simple, sturdy, clean and well made. It doesn’t look cheap at all, not even the plastic base….I am so pleased with this product and will definitely tell my friends about it!”

8. Coat Rack & Hat Rack

This wall mount doesn’t only work well for hats, it is perfect for scarves too. The rack features eight “branches” that can hold up to 120 pounds of accessories. Amazon reviewers have praised the rack for being sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it wobbling.

Review about this organizer: “I was looking for a new coat hanger and came across this coat rack and figured I would give it a shot. It looks super cute and also serves as wall decor. It was very simple to put together and install. I did both things in about 10 to 15 minutes. I wasn’t sure how sturdy it would be when I was assembling it but once I installed it in the wall it is very sturdy. I absolutely love it and I have gotten compliments from all my visitors so far!”

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Knowing how to organize scarves is the best way to not only keep your most beautiful easily accessories accessible, but well maintained too. So pick one of these eight organizing hacks for your scarf collection!

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