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Borrow From The Boys: How to Wear Men’s Clothes As a Woman!

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Are you feeling bored with your current wardrobe? Every now and then, you may feel a bit “stuck in the rut” when it comes to your everyday outfits. But, there’s one great, if not unexpected solution you may want to try: mixing things up with some menswear! Now you may be wondering how to wear men’s clothes as a woman, but the men’s section can often be a treasure trove of styling possibilities!

In true “borrow from the boys” fashion, I even stole a couple of things from my hubby’s wardrobe for this post. Here’s how you can wear men’s clothes as a woman while still looking feminine and classic!

How to Wear Men’s Clothes As a Woman

1. Men’s piece: oversized blazer

This first piece is one that we already see a lot of on runways and in stores, and that’s the oversized blazer. A great blazer is one of those classic styles that’s never going anywhere, and swiping one from your man’s closet opens up plenty of styling possibilities!

The longer hem of menswear blazers often happens to create just the right fit for a chic and modern blazer dress. Simply add a belt for some shape and thrown on a pair of tights and flats for the complete look. While my husband’s blazer wasn’t quite oversized enough to be worn as a proper dress, this look can still work perfectly with a pair of leggings and ankle boots. I’ll be sure to look out for a larger version in the future!

How to wear it as a woman: Oversized men’s outerwear can be perfectly transitioned into a more feminine clothing style with a waist-accentuating belt. From there, pair with more streamlined and feminine options like skinny jeans, tights, and/or high heels for the perfect balance of both style and sillhouette.

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2. Men’s piece: sweaters

This next tip is one that’s tried and true for the masters of style: French women. There’s just something about a sweater from the men’s department that hits all of the right knitwear notes. They often seem to be of better quality and have that perfect slouchy fit that’s ideal for a casual look.

For a great layering piece, go for a men’s sweater in a neutral color and try to find a size that’s not too tight or too baggy. A good rule of thumb for this is to try for a size smaller than you would wear in women’s clothing (for example, if you’re typically a medium, go for a small in men’s).

How to wear it as a women: Master the art of the tuck! One common theme you’ll find is that men’s pieces look better when given a bit of waist-defining action. A front tuck or full tuck will do the trick perfectly. If you can get ahold of a sweater that’s particularly large and/or long on your frame, you could even wear it as a sweater dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots!

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3. Men’s piece: white button down
I loveee a white button down. Even more so when it’s slightly oversized. I think it’s so chic when paired with slim-fitting jeans too.
To wear it as a woman: Lean into the perfectly imperfect look…i.e, don’t worry about a white button down being all pressed and pristine! Heels add a nice touch to this top…men’s clothes meets feminine!

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4. Men’s piece(s): white button down + suspenders
Same top from the outfit combo above, this time paired with one of my favorite secret accessories: suspenders! Now the suspenders are mine and for women, but they definitely started out as a men’s piece!
To wear as a woman: Limit your men’s pieces to around two clothing items to keep the feminine appeal!

suspenders | hat

Even if you don’t have a boy to borrow from, don’t worry. You can just shop in the men’s department, thrift in the men’s section, or wear women clothing pieces that are traditionally thought of as menswear pieces, like a tweed blazer, fedora hat, suspenders etc.

Things not pictured that I think would be really fun to mess around with: wool newsboy hats, ties, & two-piece sets.

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If you’re interested in more ways to mix styles, such as masculine and feminine, then check out the next post!

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