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15 Super Stylish Ways to Wear a Black Blazer

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In need of some ideas on ways to wear a black blazer? If you are, then it’s time to dust off that black blazer of yours and rework it to take full advantage of its possibilities! From casual chic to ready for work, the ideas are endless. Let’s get into some of them!

15 Ways to Wear a Black Blazer

1. black blazer + graphic tee
Here I bring you edgy chic. Not totally edgy? Not totally chic? Here’s a good in-between. Pair the blazer with a graphic tee, leopard heels, and a pretty necklace. The leopard heels take it for a spin on the wild side, while the necklace keeps it pretty. The graphic tee is just a fun unexpected twist!

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2. blazer + slouchy v neck + flats
With a gray tee and basic flats, this outfit feels very simple, but in a good way. Sometimes the best things are simple! Add some dainty jewelry and a purse and you’re good to go.

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3. blazer + slouchy tee + sneakers
Just by switching out the shoes from the outfit above, we created another look! This look is really comfy without sacrificing style one bit. Ditch those yoga pants because now you have a nice “running errands on Saturday” outfit!

shop similar- blazer | sneakers

4. blazer + button down shirt + scarf + oversized sunglasses + sneakers
What says ” I’m a celebrity- no photos please” more than a chic blazer, a huge scarf, and oversized sunglasses? 😉 I love this chic look. P.S- I wonder how many times I say “chic” in a blog post?

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5. blazer + button down shirt + scarf + oversized sunglasses + flats
Need to go somewhere semi-fancy and not sure if sneakers will do? Simply change them out for flats and you have a polished and chic look!

shop similar- blazer | jeans | flats

6. blazer + white button-down + heels
Wearing a blazer with a button-down is pretty standard…or is it? Wear it with jeans instead of black pants to switch it up a bit. Cuff those jeans for something different! Instead of wearing it tucked in, play around with it. I like the unique way of “some in, some out.” This is where my husband says, “Umm…is your shirt supposed to be like that?” 😉 The answer is YES!

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7. blazer + white tee + booties
Brown, black, and white. Basic colors. Not so basic outfit. These booties make it more casual and fall-appropriate.

shop similar outfit deets: tee | blazer | jeans | booties

8. blazer + white tee + flats
Is it another basic color combo or a canvas for some magic? Magic, always! Dress it up with some accessories! Do you have a purse that stands out? Sunglasses? Add one…or both!

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9. blazer + print dress
A solid blazer is a perfect way to add some balance to a printed outfit. Plus the black color “anchors” it. Do you have a crazy print you’re just dying to try out but unsure how it will look? Try pairing it with a black blazer!

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10. blazer + stripes + scarf + leopard belt + flats
Channel the French by going chic in their classic combo! Extra points for a red lip.
*Bonus outfit* Take off the scarf and add some red shoes. By switching out those two things, you got a whole new outfit!

 shop similar- blazer | leopard belt | flats

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black blazer outfit black blazer outfit

shop similar- blazer | leopard belt | red flats

11. blazer + chambray shirt + white pants
I’m sure you already have these pieces in your closet! Pull them out and wear them all together. Add a short, chunky necklace to complete the look.

shop similar- blazer | white jeans

12. blazer + black tee + black jeans + brown shoes + brown belt
Gone are the days of black and brown not going together. They’re now one of my favorite color combos! Switch up an all-black outfit by adding accents of brown.

shop similar- blazer | belt | jeans

13. blazer + black tee + black jeans + black flats + necklace
Black head to toe with a hint of sparkle! This is a glamorous yet simple way to wear your black blazer.

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14. blazer + black tee + black jeans + red shoes
Next up we’ve got all black with a pop of red. Black and red are classics, but this outfit can be accomplished by any of your favorite bold colors!

shop similar- blazer | red flats

15. blazer + black tee + red pants
Talk about a fun look. The black balances out the “loud” pants. Plus, I’ve already said how great a black and red color combo is. If you wanted to add a print, you could wear leopard flats or hold a leopard clutch.

shop similar- blazer | flats

If you have a black blazer and haven’t worn it much, then it’s time to brush it off and have some fun with these 15 ways to wear a black blazer. And if you don’t have one, then now is a good time to get one and add a classic staple to your closet!

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