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I Let My Husband Pick Out My Outfit From Goodwill…

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Not many women would trust their significant others to pick out their outfit with things already in their own closet…let alone from Goodwill. Now I trust my hubby, but do I trust his fashion sense? 😉

I thought it would be a fun little experiment to have my husband pick out an outfit for me at Goodwill! I gave no commentary about what he picked out and I didn’t even see it until after he bought it because I wanted it to be all completely him!

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This is what he picked out:

leopard tank topgoodwill

Why he chose it: “She likes leopard print and it was shiny.”

black “cardigan”goodwill

Why he chose it: “It looked like it would go over the top. Not much thought behind that one.”

denim shorts
Why he chose it: “I thought it would be a good casual bottom for the outfit.”

cork wedges
Why he chose it: “I wanted to try and find something that was sort of trendy to impress her and it was the closest thing I found to the espadrille type of shoes that she likes.”

Here it is on me!

goodwill challenge

I love leopard print but wasn’t a huge fan of this particular top with the sequins at it. It felt like something you would get at Justice. The style of cardigan also seemed a little outdated to me. I didn’t hate the denim shorts, but I found the length to be a little awkward on me.

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goodwill challenge goodwill challenge

I love espadrilles and that small detail on the shoes, but I’m not a huge fan of cork.

goodwill challenge goodwill challenge

Overall, I felt the look was very “normal”. He had free reign and could have gone super out there but he didn’t, which I appreciated haha. I’m also pretty impressed with what he did pick out. This wasn’t a test to see how well he knew me or anything, but it was interesting to see how he got my style. Even though I didn’t like the specific pieces he chose, he knew I liked leopard print, denim shorts, espadrilles, etc.

goodwill challenge

He says he should become a fashion stylist now after this challenge 😉

I think if I happened to be under some extreme circumstance I would probably allow him to dress me 😉

How do you think he did? Would you trust your guy to dress you?

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goodwill challenge


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