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  1. I’m utterly shocked that this is a thrift store outfit. Like, seriously, can I have your skills? I go into Goodwill and all I see are old prom dresses and gross sweaters hahah. I do not have the thrifting ability whatsoever!

  2. I love thrifting but it definitely takes a lot of patience! I feel like you always manage to find the chicest pieces though – I love this effortlessly chic.casual look!

    • Well thanks so much! And I agree, patience really is the key. Sometimes I don’t find anything good!

  3. love this european inspired look, and even more so that you got the pieces from goodwill! i’ve been an avid thrifter as well lately!

    • It does require a lot of patience and sometimes being okay with not finding anything good!

  4. I have always been a sharp dresser. I have people fooled. They think I pay a lot for my clothes. I thrift and wear Ann Taylor, Chico, Elle, Anne Klein, Banana Republic, etc… Name a name brand and I have it. Bought a beautiful pale pink Casual Corner wool coat for 7 bucks. Had it cleaned and pressed and it is to die for. I could shop department stores, but suddenly that doesn’t make sense to me anymore unless I am shopping for a great bra or an occasional designer purse. Everything else is thrifted.

    • That’s so awesome, Linda! I could see why you don’t want to shop department stores when you can get the same thing for way cheaper!

  5. Yes, I actually would consider myself a connoisseur, and a loyal fan.
    This is my guide while Thrifting
    • go alone and with headphones
    •Take your time and look at every aisle
    •Look at all genders and don’t just go to your direct size section, every item varies size wise
    • I would confidently say hit every thrift store within at least an hr. ( I make a whole day of thing shopping)
    • save $ by going to local and not as well known stores, I find the chains tend to have higher prices. most less high profile ones offer specials depending on the color of the tag attached. && Also make friends with the staff, tends to help in a couple ways.
    • oh, one more thing- get out of comfort zone. When I’m shopping usually end up with a cart filled with various items to the brim which brings up…..dressing rooms- If available I try everything on. ( I’m aware it’s a no-go for a few) – Guarantees the fit, color and reviews the entire garment.
    It’s my me time, 😊

    • These are fabulous ideas, Kelsie! Thank you for sharing them. I’m sure anyone that reads this comment will benefit greatly!

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