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9 Inexpensive Things That Will Improve Time at Home

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Sometimes, it’s the little things. No one’s arguing that times are strange and a little scary right now. Most people are in quarantine mode and most people don’t want to spend a lot of money. The good news is that there are little & inexpensive things you can get that will drastically improve the time at home! In fact, I’m using all of these so this is basically “Carolyn’s at-home survival kit” haha!

Inexpensive Things That Will Improve Time at Home

1. Tea
I’m totally a coffee girl, but I love tea just as much (but in a different way). Nothing quite like a good hot cup of tea to soothe your soul. Plus, you can help prevent & soothe sickness with tea too! Lately, I’ve been loving this cold & flu tea with licorice root and a basic ginger tea.

2. Fuzzy socks
I used to just reserve my cozy/fluffy socks for nighttime, but now I start the day with them on my feet and strangely enough, it makes a difference. Having something warm and soft on your feet just makes you feel better. That goes for cute and comfy slippers too!

3. Caramels/chocolate
It’s not always the best idea to have tons of treats sitting around your house, but it doesn’t hurt to pop in a sea salt caramel (or two!). Just having one of your favorite treats around is a great pick me up! If chocolate isn’t your thing then just get whatever your guilty pleasure snack is!

4. Candles
If you have to stay at home, you might as well set the mood. Spring is a great time to switch to a lighter scent such as lavender, lemon, or grapefruit. Smelling something amazing and fresh is an instant mood booster!

5. Vitamin c drops
These are staples for us and they really seem to work. If we feel something coming on we suck on these and 9/10 times we don’t end up getting sick! We get this brand (sugar-free) and now more than ever, it’s important to keep your immune system in tip-top shape. My mom had us grow up on these and now I’m passing them onto my family!

6. Matching lounge sets
How you look plays a huge part in how you feel. Dress cozy, not sloppy! A matching lounge set will make you feel put together while still being comfortable.

7. Essential oils + diffuser

I’m not “oily” but I do like having a diffuser and for the past few years, I’ve been using a couple of different essentials oils around our house and in my beauty routine. You can diffuse some for some good smells and/or immune support. You can also make blends to help with your mood and whatever you want it seems. Check out all of these blend ideas! Though I’m no oil expert, I do know that you don’t want to trust every essential oil company out there. I’ve heard that Revive Oils is a good alternative to Young Living/Doterra if you don’t want the high price tag.

8. Cute water bottle
It’s always a good idea to drink tons of water, but now more than ever! Having something cute to drink out of is somehow a great motivator to keep the liquids flowing!

9. Sketch/coloring book At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself lately. I’ve done pretty well not looking at the news 24/7, but instead, I’ve filled it with endless social media scrolling. I hate it when I do that because it’s so not productive or mind fulfilling. Whether you need a break from the news or just electronic devices in general, having something to sketch or color with is a good distraction. Not to mention soothing too…you don’t have to be artsy either!

Hard times or not, the things on this list are always nice to have for being at home anyway! If you need ideas on what to do with all your extra time, then check out this post on ways to make the most out of your time at home!

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