living room makeover on a budget

A Super Budget-Friendly Living Room Update

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*2021 Update- Wow! My style has changed. Check out the posts below for a look into our current home and the projects we’re working on now.*
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Styling Your Home On a Budget + Living Room Update

I tend to go through phases a lot… and when spring hits, the urge to do house projects hits as well! This time I wanted to do more in my living room.

We’ve lived in our house for about 1 year 1/2 and it’s very encouraging when other people tell me you’ll always be doing house projects. I know this sounds like something that would be very depressing, but to me, it’s encouraging, because it reminds me I don’t have to race against time to get things the way I want and there’s even good in the waiting period.

Before we moved into our house I already had a plan of paint and decor, but after living with it for over a year I’m able to see what I like and what I want to change.

We have a lot of big projects we want to do and while we have to save up for those, I was able to do a makeover in our living room and I’m so pleased!

Enough blabbing, let’s get to it.

First I changed my red accent wall to match the rest of the house. My house inspiration comes from Europe and I didn’t realize until after living in my house for a while that I was mixing my french country theme with an Italian theme. It wasn’t until actually visiting both Paris and Rome myself that I realized my house just didn’t flow!

I have a red and yellow kitchen, a red and beige living room, and beige everything else. Hmm. I like neutrals better, so goodbye red wall (kitchen, we’ll work on you later)!

French country inspo

Before with the red wall:living room makeover on a budget living room makeover on a budget


living room makeover on a budget
living room makeover on a budget

Wow, can you even believe the difference! I love how fresh and clean it feels. Titus and I both agreed that the red wall always made our house look like Christmas haha. Not always a bad thing, but sometimes it’s nice to have a blank slate to work with than to always have your house look cozy.

In addition to the painting, we also got new furniture. We switched out the green velvet chair for beige accent chairs.

living room makeover on a budget

They look pinker in the photos and I’m still messing around with the pillows I want to use, but I love them! It adds more seating and the living room actually feels bigger!

My love seat that started off as a floral couch from Goodwill has definitely been through a lot. I tried doing a drop cloth seat cover not once, but twice, and then getting a Target cover which never really worked. It was time to just get a new one altogether.

living room makeover on a budget

The couch that we got for $30 had been through a lot. Even though it was comfy, it was an eyesore, to SAY THE LEAST! Boy, bye.

living room makeover on a budget

living room makeover on a budget

We also got a new rug. I know rugs are expensive and it sucks to spend so much on a piece of carpet, but I would always recommend getting a nice huge one! It makes the space so much bigger and brighter.

living room makeover on a budget

Living with cheap, used, and free furniture since the start of our marriage (almost 3 years!) is nice because it really helps you appreciate new things! We definitely did not go all out on our furniture and got things on the cheaper end, but I like the way it looks and if (future) kiddos end up ruining anything, it won’t be the end of the world!

Before & After

living room makeover on a budget
living room makeover on a budget
living room makeover on a budget
living room makeover on a budget

There’s not much more we want to do in the living room. Just get an ottoman coffee table, decorate some shelves, and maybe a couple of small things here and there. It’s so nice to feel at peace in your own home, though I may need to get another part-time job to fund my new house projects. Something that makes at least $3,000 an hour. Nothing too crazy. 😉

*Update- we sold this home!*
Goodbye, First Home


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