Our Chic Obsessions: 8 Clothing Items We’ve Got Our Eyes On

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When you work in the fashion and lifestyle space, it’s part of the job to source new products and see what’s out there. And though we love to have our finger on the pulse of the clothing world, sometimes this means our wish list gets a little bit longer than it needs to be. But it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge every once in a while! Keep scrolling for a peek into our obsessions. These are the chic clothing items we’ve got our eyes ones- and we may just pull the trigger!

saddle leather loafers

Last summer I bought a pair of loafer-style shoes from Target. I had never owned a pair of loafers before and wasn’t quite ready to invest in a pair since I didn’t know if I’d like the style of them or not. Turns out, I LOVED them. I felt so put together when I wore them, and they helped turn basic outfits into something a little more special. Now that I know they’re something I’ll keep in rotation, these bad boys are on my list. 
-Tirzah, Admin Specialist

beige sam edelman loafers

Tirzah and I have the same shoes on our wishlist! It’s like we work together or something. 😉 I have been eyeing these loafers for a good 6 months now. I own several pairs of shoes by this brand so I know these will fit well and be comfortable. I just haven’t pulled the trigger yet because I may or may not already have 5+ pairs of loafers (whoops). But I can’t just get over the color of the leather! They look so luxe and way more expensive than they really are. Plus, this lighter color would look really good year-round too. Okay, I think I convinced myself it’s finally time to pull the trigger.
-Carolyn, Founder & Editor

leather leggings

Everyone who has these leather leggings raves about them, so I want to see what all the hype is about.
Katherine, Beauty Writer

temwa cover photo

I’ve got my eye on this long coat for petite women. I want to recreate the classy long coat and jeans combo from MCO. Court heels as well. My mom always complains that I get the same type of shoe, so I want to try something different lol.
-Temwa, Lifestyle Writer

I’ve had my eye on this sweater blazer for years, but have yet to add it to my wardrobe. I love that it provides an elevated look without sacrificing comfort. I also love the name of it…that was almost baby #2’s name. 🙂
-Tirzah, Admin Specialist

veja sneakers

What can I say? I’m a shoe girl. After going to Paris and seeing that everyone was wearing Veja sneakers, well, I was influenced and now I think I need a pair of these sneakers to be a cool Parisian girl. But I’ve got plenty of shoes, so I’m just eyeing them for now!
-Carolyn, Founder & Editor

salt water sandals

These sandals can go in and out of the water and wash easily with mild detergent. The perfect summer shoe.
-Katherine, Beauty Writer

These jeans from Madewell are calling my name. I’m always nervous to buy light wash jeans as I feel like darker pants are more slimming on me, but these are so. dang. cute. 
-Tirzah, Admin Specialist

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