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Parisian Apartment Decor Ideas to Beautify Your Space

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Carving out an apartment that is equally chic and comforting is more than possible. And guess what, it doesn’t require an interior designer or a large budget either! If you are thinking of giving your apartment a beautiful makeover, get creative with Parisian apartment decor. Whether your goal is to update your bathroom with elegant decorations or your bedroom with functional and classy pieces, here are Parisian apartment decor ideas you can steal straight from Paris!



For optimal beauty and luxury, elevate your bathroom with pretty flowers. Parisians adore flowers. They always buy some fresh petals from the farmer’s market to decorate their living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

Give your intimate space a natural and tranquil touch with a vase filled with a fresh bouquet. You can choose lilies, peonies, orchids, roses, or even dried flowers for your bathroom.

Striped towels

Nothing ruins a bathroom more than thin, ugly, and stained towels. Take interior design inspiration from Parisians by elevating your towel rack with minimalist towels. Just like with their fashion, quality matters. Elevate your whole bathing experience by opting for the best towels you can afford.

Gold vintage mirrors

What is one way of instantly upgrading a bathroom? Switch out your mirror. Give your bathroom a Parisian flair with gold vintage mirrors.

A Parisian space always has a gilded mirror. The wall decor acts as a good focal point in the bathroom and gives the space a luxurious feel.

Luxury Scented Candles

Luxury scented candles have a way of making a bathroom look cozy and elegant. Place a Diptyque candle on your vanity as this Paris-based brand is a must-have decor piece and the perfect way to give your bathroom an instant Parisian look.

Sophisticated Bathroom Accessories

Sure, you could leave your store-bought hand soaps and cotton balls on your vanity in their original packaging and call it a day, but it won’t make your bathroom look as good as it could!

Putting the extra effort to squeeze all the products into aesthetically pleasing bath accessories is the way to go. It makes your bathroom apartment cohesive as all your accessories will be the same color and material.

Living room

Brass trays

Parisian homes and apartments are frequently decorated with vintage or stylish trays to keep a decor grouping together. These trays are often placed on their dresser and coffee table to hold books, candles, vases, and other decorative objects.

Follow suit and make your living room feel very Parisian with this beautiful brass tray. You can house artifacts from past travels or your favorite Diptyque candle!


Busts are a staple in a Parisian living room. It’s typically put on a fireplace mantel to make the living room look luxurious.

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Parisian apartment decor is never 100% quirky or trendy. Parisians tend to focus on timeless pieces first while leaving room for their personality to shine.

The perfect example of a timeless decor piece is the classic assortment of books. Parisians like placing books on coffee tables or marble fireplaces.

Coffee table

Not only does a coffee table make your living room shine, but it is practical as well. Take your coffee table to another level by decorating it with a vase of flowers, and your room will look très belle!


Table Lamps

Radiate the elegant Parisian aesthetic in your bedroom with a fluted shade brass table lamp. The brass and white combo of this table lamp will complement your space perfectly.

Abstract Wall Art

Wall art is an essential part of Parisian apartments, particularly contemporary art. It creates a lovely contrast against the vintage Parisian apartment decor. That being said, vintage artwork and sketch figures all fit into a Parisian aesthetic too. Point is, use any type of meaningful art to elevate your apartment walls!


The trick to mastering Parisian apartment decor is by dressing up your floors with Persian rugs. It is an excellent way of adding cushioning and style to apartment floors.

Additionally, the splashes of color will look exceptionally beautiful in an all-white room and tie it all together.

Kitchen/Dining room

Le Creuset Cookware

Spruce up your kitchen counters and shelves with Le Creuset diningware. This Parisian brand has a wide variety of cookware that makes a kitchen look visually intriguing.

Bistro chairs

Part of what makes Parisian kitchens and restaurants so alluring is the bistro-style stools. These inviting chairs will make you look forward to eating breakfast!

Crystal Glasses

Chic crystal glasses are not only great for entertaining, but they will make your kitchen look sumptuous! The set of four crystals can be used as decorative displays on your shelves too.

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Parisians have a knack for making an apartment space look effortlessly elegant, so the next time you want to zhuzh up your space, use these Parisian apartment decor ideas.

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Parisian apartment decor


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