parisian inspired office inspiration

Parisian Inspired Office Vision

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I’m so excited to have an office! In our first house I technically did have an office space, but it never really felt like mine. There was never really a ton of thought put into the room. It was just full of cheap and hand me down items that “did the job”. Nothing wrong with hand me down items, it just didn’t feel like me.

Then my husband started working from home 2 days a week and using “my” office as his office, as well as a station for all his papers and receipts (he also does bookkeeping for our church). He also likes to eat at his desk and he’s not all that tidy so it became a mess and ended up just being a place to put my extra clothes.

So we figured out that Titus & I will not share an office haha. Creative differences 😉

So though I’m excited to have an office, I’ll admit I’m not all that motivated to get started. I can’t just jump in and decorate. I’ve gotta tear down so.much.wallpaper, rip out carpet, and put in new floors. Ugh. Not so fun…can’t I just decorate already?! 😉

This is what we’re working with:

The room only has one window which is a con as I want it to be a studio space, but it’s pretty big (even though you can’t really tell in photos). That makes me happy because I have so many “stations” I want to set up!

This room is going to feel completely different from the rest of the house, but that’s okay with me. I want it to feel like a Parisian apartment! Well, it will never be the real thing. But at least inspired by it!

Overall, I want it to be inspiring, functional, photographable, and well, chic!

Here’s my vision board:

parisian inspired office inspiration

You saw the before pictures. Do you think I can do it? 😉 Wait, don’t answer that… 🙂

Ta ta for now. I’m off to make this vision come to life! Or maybe I’ll just keep sitting down and see if Titus wants to rip down all that wallpaper for me haha!

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