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Fashion Over 50: Aging With Grace & Embracing the Size You Are Now

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Dressing my age I think means being classy rather than flashy. I like pretty clothes, but I don’t want to be a slave to fashion. I do want to know in a general way what’s currently in style, and I will try to adapt, but if I have clothes and a look that’s working for me I will probably stick with it rather than change it all up according to the latest trend. That doesn’t mean I can’t get new shoes or boots, or a couple tops or the right cut of jeans from time to time. 🙂

I’m really excited to bring a new element to my blog today- fashion over 50!

I’ve had requests for fashion posts for older women and at first, I wasn’t sure how to go about this as I’m just in my mid 20’s. But then I realized I don’t need to be the one modeling the clothes. I can just be the one to bring the fabulous women to you!

And what better way to kick off this new series than with my beautiful mama?!

My mom is 57 (yes I got her permission to say this!) but you honestly couldn’t tell that. She doesn’t look a day over 35 to me! 😉

No, I’m not trying to butter her up with extra babysitting days, but hey if it helps… 😉

We’ll see how this series will take shape, but for this post, I had my mom pick out 1 outfit that she liked with no input from me and then I styled her in 2…using only what’s in her wardrobe!!

Don’t forget to read the quotes too, so you can get great style/life advice from someone that’s learned to age with grace & embrace the size they are now!

Back to the outfits. My mom is very minimalistic when it comes to beauty (owns 1 mascara) & fashion (I think she has less than 4 pairs of shoes TOTAL) so it did make it a tad difficult because hey, I like options, but I think it’s a good reminder that you don’t need much, you just need the right pieces.

But first things first, here’s the outfit that she chose for herself:

fashion over 50 silk scarf outfit

Really, as I think about it, I think it’s harder to look nice as you get older. Your figure gets more dumpy, you get all these wrinkles, your hair gets grayer and thinner, and you have to be careful that you just don’t look silly wearing whatever the latest trend is. 

But on the positive side, I think you can still enjoy looking nice without making it too important, and I like to think there’s a grace that goes along with aging. if there’s ever a time that your inner person shines through, it’s probably when you’re older, for better or for worse! I think if I were advising someone my age on how to dress, I would start with the intangibles. Are you comfortable in your own skin? Do you realize the value that you have for other people, not based on what you look like but who you are to them? Embrace the grace!

Here’s why she chose it:
The outfit I had on was an imported Italian scarf (I got it for her from our Europe travels!), a long sleeved plain shirt I permanently borrowed from my husband’s closet, a pair of leggings that I probably got at Old Navy, and a new black sweater off the $7 rack at Walmart. I pick my clothes according to what I like the look and feel of, and how well they will play with everything else in my closet. 🙂 I’m also having to deal with a constantly changing figure, as I’ve lost and gained at least 30 pounds over the past few years.

Not too long ago I heard about the idea of a fashion uniform, a way to dress that simplifies having to make decisions all the time. If I have a fashion uniform, it is dresses combined with leggings. The dress is feminine and upscale enough to go to church and other events, but the leggings make it comfortable and warm. I like clothing that is practical, and often dress in layers in the colder weather. 

It’s also okay to indulge a love for beautiful things. Whether it’s a color you gravitate to that flatters you, a pattern that appeals to you, or a silky or knubby texture that feels good on your body, your clothes should make you smile and feel attractive when you put them on. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make that happen.

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Now here is the 1st outfit that I chose for her!

Here’s why I chose it: I knew right away that the looks I would choose would be neutrals because hey, that’s my signature! I also knew right away that my looks would be simple too because that’s just who my mom is.

When I spotted this plain black dress I knew it would be a great base for layering and that was confirmed when I found this gray ribbed cardigan! The cardigan gave me some Parisian vibes which I always love. Whether you’re 20 or 50, layers can help to improve any look.

I was surprised to see a trendy, yet classic blanket scarf in her closet (honestly I might have gifted it to her haha), and I knew the subtle print would tie this look together and give it an extra something!

The dress wasn’t mini or anything, but I paired it with black leggings because I’ve found that older women don’t really like to show off their knees and feel more comfortable without lots of bare skin!

My mom does not do heels at all, but had these classic boots that I knew would pair well with this dress!

If my mom had a watch I would have added that, but all in all, I thought this look was simple, classic, age-appropriate, but not dated. To be honest, it’s something I would wear…except maybe I’d switch out the flat boots for heeled boots!

Spend the time to put together a wardrobe that really makes you feel comfortable and well put together. I know that doesn’t mean a lot of garments, which just makes it more confusing to get dressed in the morning, but it means taking the time to shop and make sure things fit well, flatter, and coordinate with what’s already in your closet. 

Here’s the 2nd look I chose for her!

Why I chose it: My mom has this gorgeous staple camel coat that I knew had to be included in this post.

She’s not down to her goal weight yet and for those that may be struggling to fit into clothes you want, I recommend to not give it all up and wait until you are the weight you want to have fun with fashion. Just spend more time on outerwear and accessories! Whether it takes you 5 months or 5 years to get to your goal weight, don’t spend the time just feeling “blah”… you deserve to enjoy the way you look!

Fashion advice that I would give and need to apply to myself is embracing the size and figure I am right now, not the size I plan to be in the future! Otherwise I’m saying I’m worthy of money being spent on me only when I’m a certain size, and I’m not worthy of it right now. In the first place, I may never attain the figure I want, and in the second place, that’s not how God wants me to assign value, to others or myself. I’m not more valuable or worthy at size 10, and less significant at size 16. I’m still working through that one! 

If my mom had accessories I would have piled them on to prove my point, but like I said earlier she’s simple, though she did have this beret that pairs perfectly with the camel coat. Classic, elegant, Parisian. What’s not to love? The beret adds some texture too that I really liked.

Pre fashion blogger Carolyn would have said this bag was out of style, but now, not only do I get that everything “comes back”, but I appreciate the classic structure and the subtle reptile print.

This is another look that I would wear myself and I hope it goes to show that classic style isn’t limited to a certain age. Mid 20’s or mid 50’s, timeless outfits look good on anyone!

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20’s or 50’s, there’s tons of good life/style advice in here for everyone!

Spend the time to put together a wardrobe that really makes you feel comfortable and well put together. Know that it’s okay to indulge too. But it’s more than just the latest designer item. It could be a favorite color, pattern, or texture! And maybe it’s silk pajamas just because you can… 😉

And if you’re someone that struggles to love the size you find yourself in now, know that you’re not alone. Your value does not go up or down depending on the number on your jeans! Don’t put off feeling good about yourself while you wait for the scale to reach a certain number. You’re worthy now…

So what do you think of this new series?! Leave your thoughts below and give my mama some love!!
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