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Parisian Modern Office Custom Build: Construction Pictures, Inspiration, Mood Board, & My Selections

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Naturally, my office is one of the spaces in our build I am most excited about. I’ve had the chance to update a few home offices so far, but for this next one (and hopefully the last one for a long time), I just want to pull out all the stops!

Now that our home is being framed, I’m starting to share the vision for each space. The first post I shared was about the basement family room and kitchenette, and now we’ll dig (ha-build joke) into my basement home office.

My Office Plan

If I had unlimited money, I would build a separate studio (still on the property) or give myself a whole wing, but alas, limitations exist! So my office is “just” a room in a basement, but it’s a room in a basement more than some people get and for that, I’m thankful.

And though the space isn’t huge, I’m going to go all out and I want it to have that Parisian-chic-meets-fashion-headquarter vibe. Not only will this space be used for writing, taking pictures, general work, and the occasional meeting, but it needs to inspire and motivate too.

I want it to be jam-packed with function, as well as style. I made sure to include big windows. Lighting can make or break a photo and bad lighting is always a struggle when taking outfit pictures indoors. Thankfully, I won’t have that problem anymore with two large windows!

office plan

As far as other architectural details, I think that getting custom built-ins would be really cool. There’s a perfect spot for them around this main window, that would otherwise just be empty wall space.

office plans

To finish off the architectural details, I’m envisioning herringbone wood flooring and wall molding. We’ve tackled wall molding in the past ourselves and it completely elevates the space, so it’s definitely a must-do in this next room.

My Office Inspiration

My whole house is European inspired and the vibe that I want for this specific space is Parisian modern. I will, of course, include all the trademarks of a Parisian space: wood flooring, a chandelier, a mirror, wall molding, and a fireplace.

I will bring the modern touches in through smaller items and decor, such as abstract wall art, funky chairs, and unique vases.

My Office Mood Board + Selections

Parisian chic home office

The biggest thing that I’ll buy for this space is a marble table for my desk. I’ve used random wood dining tables as placeholders and though they’re nice, a marble table seems like a better buy to me. Not only do I like the way it looks in my vision better, but the marble table acts as a backdrop and a prop- multipurpose!

To match the new table, I’ll be swapping out my office chair for this one or this one.

Herringbone wood flooring is a must for a European-inspired space and not a project we’ll attempt to do ourselves. But for a cheaper option, this herringbone LVP looks pretty good in the review photos. Plus, it’s DIY friendly.

I already have a marble fireplace surround, but it’s taken quite a beating in the past two moves. Sadly, it’s cracking and falling apart. If it doesn’t make it, I’ll have to get another. (Sure, I don’t “have” to, but a fireplace is a major Parisian feature!)

I found this resin surround that’s been handpainted in Europe and it looks like a good option. Plus it is much cheaper than the similar ones that are thousands of dollars. It won’t be a working fireplace, just a surround for aesthetic purposes, so there’s really no need for me to splurge on a real stone or marble one. Though to give it an authentic look, you can tile behind it.

I’ve had the iconic Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose mirror on my wishlist for years, but now funny enough, I think I actually prefer my dupe from Hobby Lobby. It’s light enough to move around the room for taking pictures and since the Anthropologie mirror is 200 pounds, well, there’s no moving that one once you get it in place.

I think this chandelier makes a great statement. And I’ve always wanted a custom official sign for my business. I just put in an order for this one from Etsy!

I’m a big believer in using what you have first if you can. Thankfully, I don’t need to purchase much else for this space. I already have a lot of the smaller decor items that I love and there’s no need to replace them.

Below you’ll find what I already have, love, and plan to continue to use in the space:

It’s going to be so much fun seeing it all come together. While I work on the next home mood board post, check out this next post to see more of the ideas I plan to implement: 15 Chic Women’s Home Office Ideas (That Will Give Your Office a Fashion Headquarters Vibe)


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