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9 Easy Ways To Hide Your Stomach so You Can Feel More Confident

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Anyone without a perfectly flat tummy (does this even exist?) knows how discouraging it is to have belly fat annoyingly bulge through clothes. While exercising can be a great way of getting rid of belly fat, sometimes your body just doesn’t respond the way you want it to, leaving you to want to hide your stomach. And the quickest way to hide your stomach is to pick the right clothes that have a slimming effect. If you want to make your tummy area seemingly disappear for the day, here you’ll find easy ways to hide your stomach.

But before we get into the tips, just know it is not a must to hide your stomach! Sometimes concealing the tummy area helps a woman’s confidence and self-esteem, and we are big fans of encouraging a woman’s self-confidence. But feel free to follow whatever works for you (also big fans of this), whether that be embracing your body or camouflaging the areas you are insecure about.

Okay, now with that being said, let’s get into the ways to hide your stomach.

1. (Strategically) Loose Tops Will Be Your Wardrobe Hero

madewell plus size top
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The best way to cover a tummy bulge is with a loose top, but be strategic about it and don’t make the mistake of picking anything baggy. A common mistake a lot of women make when hiding a belly bulge is picking clothing items that are too loose. Though I understand why this sounds like it would work, these clothes will make your stomach area look bigger than it actually is.

Instead, aim for a top that is neither too baggy nor too tight. You don’t want it to cling to every crevice, but you don’t want to swim in it either. To achieve this, look for tops that are fitted in the shoulders and arms to ensure that it’s not slouchy all over. A v-neck and a wrap top are good details to look for in your tops as well.

Then pair your loose top with fitted pants to balance out your entire look because baggy shirt + baggy pants waist= bulky waist area.

2. Invest in Good Shapewear

The most obvious and easy way to hide your stomach is with good shapewear. High-quality shapewear can do wonders for your confidence, no matter what your body type is. It will help to create a smooth silhouette with any outfit you wear.

There are a lot of shapewear brands on the market, so you might be wondering what shapewear brands will be great for you. I know some shapewear brands can be pretty “meh,” but reviewers say brands like Skims and Spanx live up to the hype. Whether it’s a bodysuit or a shaping tank top, look for tummy-controlling pieces to help your self-confidence.

3. Use a Jacket To Trim Your Torso

Before you use long blazers to hide your stomach (though this can work), consider using a slightly cropped open jacket to trim your torso. This style tip will make the width of your stomach appear smaller and hide your belly bulge.

You could layer your cropped jacket over a fitted shirt or a longer top, such as a lightweight sweater or a button-down shirt. The different hem lengths can help to distract the eyes away from your stomach too.

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4. Rock a Fitted Top With High-Waisted Pants

madewell fitted top
Madewell- Ribbed Sweetheart Top, $48

Most women may steer clear from “highlighting” their tummy, but this trick can work to highlight your curves while concealing your excess stomach area.

The trick is to use high-rise (mid-rise can sometimes work as well) jeans with low-stretch and a structured, spandex material to suck in your stomach. The fitted top’s job is to flatter your body and not hide it.

5. Wrap Dresses Are a Must-Have

Wrap dresses are some of the best dresses for you if you want to hide your stomach. The tie detail helps to camouflage the stomach so effortlessly. It also creates the illusion of a defined waist, not to mention they are also classy to wear.

Other dress styles that can be flattering: Tank dress, tiered midi dress, shirt dress, sweetheart midi dress, fit and flare

6. Divert Attention Somewhere Else

leather pants
Madewell- Faux Leather Pants, $138

If you don’t want too much attention on your stomach, then draw attention to what you are confident about. You could rock shift dresses to show off your legs or a v-neck to take less attention to your belly area and more to your neck and face.

You can also do something as simple as wearing red lipstick to draw the eye up or wear leather pants and leopard print shoes to draw the eye down. Ah, the art of fashion deception!

7. Wear Clothes With Vertical Lines

You may have learned this in art class, but mastering “leading lines” works for fashion too. Just think, where do you want the eyes to go?

Vertical stripes help to make your body appear slimmer. The pattern draws the eyes down, which lengthens your frame in the process. Vertical lines can also help draw attention away from the central part of your stomach.

8. Try the Half-Tuck or Front-Tuck Style

Though it may not work for everyone, tucking styles are one of the most ingenious ways to hide your stomach. It can be tempting to leave your shirt untucked to conceal a belly bulge, however, it may do the opposite.

Your waist might appear shapeless and your stomach bulky. Try the half-tuck trick with a button-down shirt or your favorite slightly oversized t-shirt. This styling tip will help balance out your proportions for a flattering fit!

9. Use Ruching/Smocking To Conceal Your Stomach

Ruched details on a top or a dress are a cute and elegant way of hiding your stomach! The soft drapery will disguise your belly bulge and create the illusion of a smaller waist while adding more interest to your overall look.

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Now you know that there are different ways to hide your stomach. You can wear shapewear, make a few styling tweaks to your clothes, or draw attention to your best assets. Whatever tip you choose will help you feel less self-conscious about those certain areas!

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9 Ways to Hide Your Stomach


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