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Postpartum Wardrobe Essentials To Look and Feel Stylish

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The fourth trimester is potentially the hardest trimester of them all. Not only are you exhausted, getting to know a new human, and covered in spit-up, but you’re dealing with a new figure and changing body…again. Except for this time, your bump isn’t getting cuter and bigger.

Now, your belly is deflated and somehow still round at the same time. You’ve birthed the babe but your hips are wider and none of your old clothes fit. You’re not pregnant anymore but you still kind of look like you are. This is all normal and to be expected, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel somewhat cute and stylish as you adjust to this new life and a new body. As a fashion blogger, mother of 2, and 4 weeks postpartum, I’ve learned some key postpartum wardrobe essentials to help you feel and look stylish!

Postpartum Wardrobe Essentials


Immediately coming home from the wardrobe and yet even as I type this, I’ve been wearing these joggers almost nonstop. Bottoms that are loose, comfortable, and let’s be real, dark, are a great item to have. Baggy sweatpants don’t necessarily make you feel stylish, so these are a great option to have instead. If you need to leave the house you could throw on sneakers, a moto jacket, and aviators for a cool street style look.

postpartum outfit ideas

As weeks and months go by you may find yourself starting to enter society again, whether it’s grocery shopping or finally seeing a human that’s not in your family. You’re just dying to take a shower, do your hair, and look nice, but uh oh- none of your jeans fit and you’re tired of wearing leggings. Do you have a meltdown on your closet floor and cancel? Nope! You put on some stretchy waistband pants, dry those tears, and have a good time.

Stretchy pants are my top recommendation when it comes to stylish postpartum wardrobe essentials. With stretchy waistband pants, you don’t have to try to fit into a certain jean size right away. Who needs that extra pressure postpartum anyway! I mean, it’s not like we don’t have enough we’re feeling stressed about…

Stretchy pants are comfortable, and most importantly, stylish! You can start to feel normal again and have fun with fashion with these types of pants, without worrying about jean buttons popping off because they’re barely hanging on. I say this because I know the feeling… 😉

These linen type pants are super comfortable and great for the spring/summer season. I’ve worn them so much and they’re a must-have in my opinion. These pants make me feel fancy whenever I wear them!

postpartum wardrobe essentials

Here are other bottoms that look really cute and comfy: these, these, these, and these.

On the topic of bottoms, just look for anything (shorts or skirts) that stretch or have a tie. We new moms don’t need any zippers or buttons in our life! At least not now…

I’ve been loving these shorts and these shorts. They’re stylish and comfy!

When I got brave enough to start tucking tops in again, I looked for bottoms with detail, like these paper bag waist bottoms with a belt tie. Be mindful here, as sometimes the extra detail adds volume. But, sometimes it can minimize/distract too!

postpartum wardrobe


The right tops can certainly be a tricky thing to find postpartum. You need something that is nursing-friendly (if you go that route), comfortable, not clingy, and somewhat flattering. Believe it or not, you can find tops that are flattering and camouflage the postpartum belly! It just takes the right style. The styles you should look for are:

Front tie tops
(like this one and this one)

Tiered tops
(like this one and this one)

Tunic tops

(like this one and this one)

Wrap or faux wrap tops

(like this one and this one)

Swing tops

(like this one and this one)

(some) Peplum tops

(like this one and this one)

Tops that don’t cling (usually woven materials or a peasant style)

(like this one and this one)

Tops with draping or ruching

(like this one and this one)

Think about your styling too. Sometimes a half-tuck actually helps to camouflage the belly.


Though not nursing-friendly, these styles of dresses are flattering for a postpartum body: smock/babydoll dresses and t-shirt/swing dresses.


Feet tend to swell a bit (or a lot) during pregnancy and just like everything else, they don’t return to normal right away. If they ever do! What you need during this time is some comfy slip-on shoes, with mules/slides being the easiest to put on (in my opinion).

And thankfully, these shoes are stylish and can seriously elevate your look! These are similar to the ones I wear all the time. I tried these on in person at Target and almost bought them because they are surprisingly very comfortable! If I didn’t already have a ton of shoes at home they would have made it into my cart.

postpartum wardrobe essential

If you gave birth in fall or winter, look for roomy boots that are easy to put on, such as ankle boots with a zipper. No need to try to wiggle into thigh-high boots or spend time messing with ties or hooks!


Don’t forget your nursing tanks and sleeping bras. They can be attractive too! These, these, and these nursing tanks are super cute.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and flattering robe, then this is it. I’ve been loving this robe and wear it so much around the house.

Spanx leggings to hold it all in and add some oomph to your lower half. Or high-waisted leggings like these Blanqi ones. Pair with a tunic top and loafer slides and you’ve got yourself a stylish postpartum outfit!

Thankfully, you can have a stylish diaper bag that’s easy to carry and doesn’t take away from your outfit. Enter the diaper backpack! I like the looks of this one, this one, and this one.

postpartum wardrobe essentials

Just in case you needed another reminder: you got this, mama!

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