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My Rental Office & Closet Tour + How I’m Organizing My Clothes With Little to No Storage

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A rental house is usually not synonymous with large rooms, spacious storage, luxury amenities, and copious amounts of character. Maybe you get one on that list, but few get all. That’s reserved for the lucky ones…

And though my storage situation is bleak, I did luck out with thick wood trim and original wood flooring. Character? Check. Storage? Eh, not so much.

Since my office is also my closet, I had to get creative with making this a functional and aesthetically pleasing room. Because not only do I get dressed in this room, but I also use it as a studio to take pictures and it’s where I flex my funny bone by writing humorous posts. You know, like this one. Eh, not so much?

It’s a tall order, but here’s what I came up with!

dining table desk | boucle chairs | black office chair | faux roses

Because I find a traditional desk to be too small for me and I like the “CEO feel” this set-up portrays, I now opt for a dining table and accent chairs situation.

I know it looks like I have nothing on the table, so why would a desk be too small? When I’m styling outfits for my upcoming photoshoots, this is where all my clothes go instead of ending up on the floor.

In that black box on my desk, I keep headphones, cords, my notebook, and other miscellaneous items so my workspace doesn’t get too cluttered. Easy to access, yet it can be easily tucked away too.

There is a closet in this bedroom, but it’s very small and currently houses all the “boring” stuff like my camera, swimsuits, and casual clothes I wear around the home.

For the rest of my clothes, Titus created this wall-mounted closet situation for me using pipes. Nothing fancy! Just pipes and pipe connectors from Lowes.

It’s not exactly “renter-friendly” if you don’t know how to repair holes, but thankfully, we’re handy and a few minutes repairing holes is worth the several months I get having an organized space.

My velvet and rose gold hangers make the pipes look a little less industrial. And I just love how the gold curtain rods and velvet curtains really elevate this space!

Since my dresses are too long for the wall-mounted hanging system, on the other side of the room, I have my current season dresses on a clothing rack.

Now, for all my jewelry, shoes, and purses, I have them displayed on these gold bookcases. The look is a little too cluttered for my taste, but I really have no other place to put them!

But it does make it easy to get dressed because everything is easy to reach. Not to mention it forces me to keep my wardrobe under control, as almost everything I own is visible. If I don’t like it too cluttered then I just have to keep purging!

mannequin | striped scarf | floor mirror (similar)

abstract wall art

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And of course, no Parisian-inspired room is complete without a marble fireplace to decorate.

This $100 FB marketplace piece is one of my all-time favorite finds, but unfortunately, it’s on its last leg. It was already cracked (hence why I got it so cheap) and 2 moves sure didn’t help.

So though I’ll probably have to upgrade for my next office, I love how it adds beauty and Parisian charm to my room now!

It’s so fun styling and decorating it. I was actually inspired to add these faux candles with these brass sconces while I was visiting a museum in Paris. They add so much charm!

A sculptural vase, a Diptyque candle, Chanel perfume, and Matisse artwork all add the Parisian touch too.

Even though it feels like a need and not a want, I’m still so fortunate to get my own space to work. I know many don’t get that luxury and have had to make due working from the couch or even the closet. It’s not easy. And I know because I’ve done it all!

So if you need me, I’ll be at my desk writing the next post!

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