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  1. I loved Rome but haven´t visited any of the markets so far! I´ve pinned your post for my future trips! I guess, visiting a market is the best way to see the authentic face of any city and enjoy the same things as locals! Love your photos!

  2. I will definitely keep this in mind when in Rome. Love the flea market. I will sure to check this out.

    • Well apparently, it’s called a flea market because back in the day you would get second-hand goods that may have fleas in them!

  3. I visited Rome a couple of years back. This article would have really helped then, but considering how in love with Italy I am, I am definitely gonna go back and I’ll be exploring all the recommended places during that trip. Also, your website is gorgeous. You can inspire some real wanderlust with your gorgeous photos.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I definitely plan on going back to Italy too!

  4. Rome is the most important city of the western antiquity and the cradle of the European civilization, where the past and the present is blended in perfect harmony

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