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  1. I’m loving all these outfits – so perfect for the office! I used to be a high heel girl, but I don’t put myself through that pain anymore ?

  2. UGh now I need a chambray dress, but it’s already to hot for a cardigan here in AZ. Love this post, and also love to be comfy and cute!

  3. I love the remote work environment. I admit I work remotely quite often and don’t get out of sweats usually during the day. When I go into the office though I love to dress up! These are all very chic but professional. I think #4 would be my favorite. Thank you for sharing, Carolyn!


    • If I’m staying home all day I usually go for leggings or super stretchy jeans too. It’s nice to look more dressed up every once in a while though!

  4. This *almost* makes me miss working in a corporate environment that begged for these styles. However, if I think about it, in my job I can wear whatever the heck I want – so who’s stopping me from these looks haha!

  5. I seriously need ALL of these for my work days! Haha. I am NOT very good at pairing things together! You are the cutest. Saving for later inspiration!!

  6. Thank you for the outfit inspo! I feel like I haven’t been feeling as inspired when it comes to workwear lately. I am loving that gray dress!!

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