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  1. Those hair styling products are a must have for me. I do have days when my hair seems to have a mind of their own and donning a slicked back hairstyle would do the trick.! Thanks for the tips. Oh, and your photos are fantastic as always!

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a couple years now and just ADORE your passion and creativity. Love the styling and product incorporation. Get’s me excited to try everything here!

  3. The effectiveness of this product is extremely impressive and this post really shows how simple it is to apply and I love that it is also so affordable. You have showcased this so well and I am quite keen to give this a try myself. Thank you – it was so enjoyable to read this post to learn about this product and see your passion for what works so well.

  4. You’re so pretty! I love your hair it looks great either way, but really like it slicked back! It’s hard to find products that keep the flyaways… away and aren’t too greasy or sticky!

  5. Before we even get to the hair, can we talk about these PHOTOS? I feel like you are just going above and beyond for this shoot and I’m obsessed with the turnout. The poses, the styles, everything is AMAZING. And then hair-wise, you’re killing it! I’ve never felt like I can pull off the slicked back look because my face then looks like an egg with a fivehead haha but this hairstyle was made for you! So chic!

    • Aww thank you so much, Stephanie!! I loved the product so the shoot was really fun to do! And oh my goodness you would not have an egg head haha!

  6. I’m absolutely loving the slicked back hairstyle on you! It’s hard to master the look when you don’t have the right product, so it’s great that you finally found something that works!

  7. I love the look that you have created. Your click back hair looks amazing and would look ace for a night out xx

  8. You’re so chic girl! I knew there had to be a secret to the perfect slick back ponytail! I’ve never tried this product but now I’m going to!

  9. i’m loving these. my daughter is always asking me to do her hair differently. i should try these out.

  10. first of all – these photos are brilliant! i love love love the creativity! secondly – this brand is my go-to! whether i’m gluing down a wig or slicking back my hair, it’s the absolute best!

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