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  1. Can I pretty pretty PUHHHLleeeease take you thrift shopping with me? I literally never have any luck in thrift stores, but you’re the QUEEN of shopping chic on a budget. I’d love to see what you’d pick out if we were together!! I love everything you got!

    • Let’s go girl!!! I only wished we lived closer because I think we would have a blast thrifting together!!

  2. OK I’m literally giving you a standing ovation right now!!! Those prices are insane! I love your picks and can we state the obvious? You have THE BEST style!

  3. Oh my goodness so many amazing finds for such a great price! You styled every piece so well and I love the idea of shopping at a thrift store to save money! You look fabulous girl❤️

  4. Thrifting is one of my passions. Not so much for clothes but for household items and furniture. I love fixing thing up and making them look nice. I try not to buy a lot of things brand new.

    • Yes, I love to find home things too! I’m the same, don’t want to buy new if I don’t have to!

    • Thank you! I don’t always hit the jackpot, but I did for this post haha! It takes time to get better at it though!

  5. Now that my shopping ban is over, I’m planning on doing more of my shopping at thrift stores! You seem to have such great luck at finding great pieces at thrift stores! You are such an inspiration!

  6. The heels and bag in the first photos are FABULOUS!!! I haven’t been in the thrift stores much lately, but this made me want to try again. (Once it’s safe to get out of the house again, that is.) Thanks for the post.

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