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  1. These are great tips for closet cleaning, thanks for posting this guideline. The first things I need to get rid of are bridesmaid dresses. And lol about the Chip Gaines part, so true!

    • The hardest part for me is being sentimental with some of my items. I love getting rid of clothes but if I got if from someone, yet never wear it, I still have a hard time tossing it. Definitely, a goal for 2020. Along with my son’s clothing. Talk about hard to toss or sell! Also talk about sentimental! Thanks for these tips!

      • That part is definitely hard…I agree! I think that muscle of being able to toss/donate grows over time!

  2. I have a bridesmaid dress (that my gracious friend bought for me) in a beautiful burgundy color. The dress was floor length, but I don’t really have a need for anything that fancy so I wasn’t sure what to do with it after the event. Eventually I had the dress hemmed and now it’s a great party dress!

    • That is a great idea- repurposing is always smart to do! I’m glad you’re able to use the dress more!

  3. Going to try real hard to give this a go. Since lockdown I have been wearing the same stuff week in week out because I am at home. So big decluttering on the cards ?

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