Ways Rock Burgundy Pants
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8 Ways to Rock Your Burgundy Pants (Outfit & Style Ideas)

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Do you want to spice up your clothes and add some fun color to what you wear each day? All you need is the simple yet exciting pair of burgundy pants.

These pants, while often not the first thing you think of when you hear fashion, have so much potential. Today, we are going to explore how to wear burgundy pants- a kind of hidden gem in your clothes that is very much ready to be seen. No matter if you are going out for fun or headed somewhere fancy, burgundy pants bring a mix of always being a good choice and having a unique style.

Well, let us begin this style journey right now and see all the different ways you can make these burgundy pants a regular in everything you decide to wear!

Mixing with Patterns and Prints

Burgundy pants have a deep red color that sticks out. They look nice with many different designs – for instance, fun patterns like leopard print or dots go really well with this color.

You should try to make your outfit balanced so it does not look too messy. Trust me, knowing how to mix and match colors can help you decide which colors go well together. More or less, color theory is just picking outfit colors that look good together.

A helpful hint when wearing burgundy is to treat it like a normal color. You’d think it’s fancy, but its rich color is good as a basic part, letting other colors stand out.

Let’s shift the focus to stripes now. The traditional mix of black and white stripes with deep burgundy colors can make any outfit look really good. Stripes grab attention, whether they are vertical or horizontal.

To get that cozy fall feeling, mixing checkered patterns with deep shades like burgundy is hard to beat. Go for darker checkered colors for a simple look, or choose brighter ones if you like to stand out.

Paisley is another choice. A shirt with a paisley design adds a touch of class but keeps things lively. This combination is perfect for a relaxed Friday at work or a lazy Sunday brunch.

Adding patterns creates variety, catches interest, and adds more layers to your look. You just have to be careful not to go overboard, especially when pairing these with strong pieces like burgundy pants. When dealing with strong pieces, keeping things simple is usually the best.

Layering Techniques for Burgundy Pants

Burgundy pants might strike you as a daring choice. But trust me, with the right tips, you could set up a cool and versatile look.

Picking the right shirt is truly key. A plain black or white shirt teams up nicely with burgundy. But, if you crave something more eye-catching, a patterned shirt with the right hues might be your answer. You can also cozy up and boost your look with jackets or sweaters. Or imagine burgundy pants worn with denim jackets or tan trench coats.

And let’s not forget the add-ons! Things like belts and scarves add a nice touch but keep in mind that those fashionable burgundy pants should be the main focus.

Confidence really pulls a look together. So, don’t hold back on trying out different styles to uncover what you like best. It may feel challenging to build a formal outfit around burgundy pants, but pairing them with the right pieces and bringing in some creativity will get you that elegant look. And guess what? This elegant look starts with choosing the right shirt.

Layering Techniques

A soft, silky shirt or a well-made button-up really looks classy with burgundy pants. Basic colors like black, white, or cream for your shirts will blend well with the vibrant burgundy without being over the top.

If you’re dressing up for a high-end event, a structured jacket in classic shades like navy or charcoal will blend well. These colors mingle well with burgundy and add that extra layer of elegance for more formal events.

Selecting the right accessories to go with your burgundy pants is crucial for a polished look. Your accessories should enhance your outfit, not overwhelm it. Simple pieces like a gold necklace or pearl earrings can work wonders. Their understated grace complements the bold color of the pants without trying to stand out.

Believe it or not, shoes are another vital part of an outfit. They should match the level and colors of your outfit. If you’re aiming for an upscale look, consider strappy heels. If not, basic flats or low heels in black or nude will serve the purpose.

Going with burgundy for formal occasions might appear odd. But execute it right, and it will maintain its elegance while adding a contemporary twist! Adding some burgundy to your dressy wardrobe is great for a fashionable yet elegant look.

Casual Styles with Burgundy Pants

Casual doesn’t mean boring! Even in a more relaxed outfit, your burgundy pants have the ability to make you stand out and let your personal style shine through.

Burgundy, with its deep, warm, and sophisticated color, makes a fun addition to your everyday clothes. Pair them with either a neat and tidy white t-shirt or a loose sweater; choose based on how the weather is, and enjoy the comfort and stylish look it brings.

The secret to making your outfit better is to use different materials. Why not try burgundy corduroy pants with a thick top made from woven fabric? This mix makes a nice, fitting difference that’s perfect for a cool fall or winter day. Take a look at our tips for successfully mixing and matching different fabric types.

You can make your outfit better by using layers. Maybe wear an open shirt over a light tee or put on a denim jacket to boost your style but still keep it casual.

Casual Styles

Believe it or not, the type of shoes you pick can make a big difference. Matching your footwear to your burgundy pants correctly can pull your whole outfit together.

Choose boots or loafers for a chic and refined look. Sneakers would work for a more casual feel. So, think about the look you want to achieve, then decide the shoe type accordingly.

Accessories can add a lot to your outfit, too. Consider adding a belt to polish your look or a scarf to add some style. After all, each fashion decision you make contributes to your overall look. So, take the time to consider your choices!

Seasonal Outfit Ideas for Burgundy Pants

Burgundy pants are pretty easy to dress up or down and can work in every season.

Seasonale Ideas

Wearing them all year long is no problem at all!

  • When spring comes, showing off burgundy becomes a piece of cake paired with light fabrics like cotton or linen. The trick to getting it right is matching those burgundy pants with soft colors, maybe a baby blue or mint green top. The Pantone color guide is there for extra color-mixing help.
  • For the summer months, nothing beats the simple and clean look of dark pants against crisp white. Just think about it: white T-shirts or loose blouses mixed with deep burgundy pants. Here’s a tip: Don’t miss out on putting some navy stripes in there; they always work with burgundy to get that proper summer feel.
  • When the chilly autumn weather arrives, here’s your chance to show off how great burgundy pants can look. A pretty quick way to do it is just to match them with deep, earthy colors. Try pairing them with a big mustard yellow or forest green sweater; it really works!
  • Winter is your chance to try something new. How about an outfit that’s all in one color? Think about putting together pieces in different shades of burgundy. Picture this: a fluffy wool coat over a smooth blouse. The color options could be as light as Pinot Noir or as dark as Merlot.

That said, no matter the time of year, one thing always stays the same: burgundy pants are a stylish must-have for any closet!

Accessorizing Your Burgundy Pants Outfit

Choosing a black or brown belt is always a good idea. That said, shiny colors like silver and gold belts can add a touch of sparkle. Bags in simple colors work well with burgundy because they don’t fight for the spotlight against the deep red color.

Bold accessories can give your outfit some extra style. For example, big necklaces and large earrings can really make your look stand out. Gold jewelry, with its warmth and elegance, goes really well with burgundy.

Don’t just think about jewelry; hats and sunglasses can also bring style and usefulness to your look. Try a simple-colored hat or cool glasses for a stylish touch.

The goal isn’t just to match colors but to coordinate shape and texture in your outfit. Less is more when it comes to accessorizing. One standout accessory can tie the whole look together instead of lots of smaller pieces.

Pairing The Right Footwear With Burgundy Pants

Selecting the right shoes to pair with your burgundy pants doesn’t have to be a headache. All you have to do is find a good balance.

Start with simple things like usual, plain shades. Brown or black boots look great with burgundy pants and provide a clean, stylish look for both casual and business settings.

Pairing Pants

Try spicing it up with different colors. For example, nude heels can add elegance to your look while keeping attention on your pants. And if you’re thinking casual, you can’t beat sneakers. These days, white Veja sneakers are super popular, but trying out other colors could be a blast.

Are you on the hunt for a less formal look? Loafers are a good idea. They are not as serious as formal shoes but supply top comfort. For nicer events, high heels hit the mark. The style of the heel – whether pointy or square – doesn’t matter as long as it reflects your fashion sense.

You may want a classier look, particularly for dressy events and black-tie gatherings. In that case, Oxfords are a top-notch pick. Their strong style fits right in with burgundy pants.

Color Combinations that Work with Burgundy Pants:

Burgundy pants can be the main point of your outfit, though the key is matching them with the right colors. Looking at the possible combinations shows interesting choices. For example, putting burgundy with white gives a feeling of class and simplicity; it always remains in fashion. Picture a nicely ironed white shirt or even a relaxed white t-shirt on casual days off.

Trying navy blue is another choice, giving more depth to your outfit without overpowering the strong color of burgundy. A good match would be a navy coat or sweater.

Color Combinations

Feeling brave? Why not try teal? Yes, teal! A new combo like this adds a lighter touch to your style choices. Picture them with a comfortable teal sweater. Or, you could try out mustard yellow, which creates a fall-like feeling that draws attention to a typical fall outfit. It’s a style and season combo that’s been pulled off well many times!

Making a Statement with Burgundy Pants

Burgundy pants are not a basic clothing item for most people, and that’s what makes them an exciting wardrobe addition. They are really good at adding character and a bit of color to any outfit.

Wearing them with simple colors like black or white lets the color of the pants stand out, keeping a refined look. On the other hand, wearing these deep-red pants with matching colors like navy blue or dark green gives an effortlessly stylish look.

People typically wear burgundy colored jeans for easy-going activities like walks in the park and trips to the coffee shop, but have you thought about their elegance? Replacing your regular work pants with burgundy ones adds an unexpected twist to a business look. It’s an interesting thing to try that not only switches up your everyday work outfits but also shows your creative side.

Making a Statement

Also, a well-picked belt or neat ankle boots can really change outfits, and that includes outfits with burgundy pants. Adding accessories is the secret to mixing up your outfits until you find a style that really reflects your personal fashion sense.

Last of all, stand tall in these pants and wear them confidently! Show that you’re sure of yourself in your burgundy pants, and they will certainly make a strong impression.


The thought of piecing together a stylish outfit with burgundy pants might look scary at first, but trust me, they are pretty easy to manage! Picking the right shoes and things that you wear with them is very important for your outfit to look good. Burgundy is a color that can mix very well with a lot of other colors, from simple to very bold ones.

Confused a bit? Don’t worry. Remember the color mixes we talked about before? One cool thing about burgundy is that it works well with many colors, from soft to bold ones. Burgundy pants will give any outfit a nice touch of class and style.

Burgundy pants are flexible enough to be worn in casual and formal clothes. The trick to making burgundy pants work is to find a good balance and enjoy the confidence they give you. Trying different patterns and prints, smart layering, and picking things that go well with (not overpower) your burgundy pants helps you make stylish outfits.

Burgundy pants are more than just a trendy item; they also let you show your unique style and personality. Don’t hold back; grab those burgundy pants sitting unused in your closet and show just how fashionable you can be in burgundy!

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