what to wear with a trench coat

Stylish Ideas for What to Wear With a Trench Coat

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A must-have wardrobe staple for any woman interested in classic style is, you guessed it, the classic trench coat. Though trench coats are usually thought of as a Parisian piece, you don’t have to be a Francophile to benefit from the sophisticated look a trench coat brings to even your most basic everyday wear. Here’s why you need one, where to find the best ones, and of course, easy-to-copy trench coat outfits to help you know what to wear with a trench coat!

Quick history of the trench coat

A trench coat has been around for centuries and fashion-wise, it’s not going anywhere. Though now we think of a trench coat as a fashion statement, it actually originated as a sport coat for British men and then was turned into military uniforms for its ease to be worn “in the trenches”.

After the war, the trench coat stuck around and soared in fashion popularity when Humphrey Bogart wore it in Casablanca. And of course, once Hollywood picks up on something, designers rush to put it on the runway, and eventually, it gets in the hands of us everyday consumers.

Why your wardrobe needs a trench coat

A trench coat is a great way to elevate a casual look, dress down an outfit for formal events, and even just channel the class of women like Audrey Hepburn. Not many outerwear pieces give you as much versatility or as many different ways to style them as the trench coat does.

It can be worn in fall, winter (depending on your climate), and even in slightly warmer weather, like spring and summer. This piece is the best way to look pulled together and add French flair to your look!

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What to wear with a trench coat

Well, the options are truly endless. But let’s start with some ideas. You can never go wrong with skinny jeans, loafers, and a striped sweater.

The color beige pops against an all-black outfit too, making a great pairing for an LBD or even basic black jeans.

For an elevated look on your casual vibes, wear your trench coat with something like blue jeans and sneakers.

If you want to look preppy, pair your coat with a skirt and knee-high boots.

For a tailored look, a trench coat pairs perfectly with a white button down and skinny pants.

Sometimes the best trench coat look is one that keeps its timeless roots and classic ways, but don’t feel like you can’t experiment with style and try something a little different, like wearing it with leather pants!

Check out the photos below for more outfit ideas!

what to wear with a trench coat
trench coat outfit ideas

What to look for in a trench coat

As the trench coat becomes even more popular, you’ll start to see lots of different trench coat styles out there, but the classic beige is the one worth investing in. The coat color may matter for your skin tone, so it’s important to find one that complements it.

If the classic beige isn’t your color, then look into a varying shade or another neutral color, such as off-white, blush pink, brown, black, olive green, and even grey trench coats. The key is to find a color that is neutral enough but still flattering for your skin tone.

Take your body type into consideration as well. A trench coat comes in varying lengths, and depending on your height, there may be a length that is more flattering for you over others. Also, a trench coat belt is a good thing to have for most body types, as it can highlight and accentuate your waist, keeping you from looking like you’re wearing a brown tent!

A lot of the trench coats today still have the same classic details that they started with, such as a storm flap. Its original purpose was to protect from rain and the kickback of a rifle. Now, it’s supposed to help with airflow and preventing any sweaty backs. You can choose how many classic details you may or may not want on your trench coat, but generally, the more classic the better!

If your wardrobe already has the classic beige and you’re looking for an elevated basic, you could consider getting one like this for a pop of color in your wardrobe. Or if you want to add some classic edge to your look, you could look into a leather trench coat as well.

Where to purchase

If you truly want to splurge and get one of the classics, then a London Fog or Burberry trench coat is for you. My personal favorite that you see pictured a lot in this post is this one by Everlane. However, there are more fantastic options for all budgets if you just check out this post on the 7+ best trench coats for women! But no matter where you buy, the right trench coat for you is the one that you love, whether it has a designer name or not!

what to wear with a trench coat

Whether you wear your trench coat to top off your relaxed looks or to emulate that timeless and iconic style, it’s a wardrobe staple that you can never go wrong with. Curious what other staples you need in your wardrobe? Then check out the posts below!

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