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4 Stylish Winter to Spring Transition Outfits

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The time between winter and spring is exciting. Not only for the freshness a new season brings, but more than anything, I think we’re all ready to shed off the heavy coats and step into the pastels and lighter layers! Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The sun shining fools you into dressing warm but the cold wind is telling you to layer up! Because of that, learning how to mix both winter and spring looks to create a stylish season-appropriate outfit is key. Here are 4 winter to spring transition outfits as well as fashion tips that should help you dress this in-between stage and keep you looking stylish!

Winter to Spring Transition Outfit Tips

1. Mix your fabrics
Take your heavier fabrics such as your chunky sweaters, leather, and suede and pair them with materials such as chiffon and lace for a super chic look.

2. Layer lightly
Layers are still a must when the weather doesn’t allow you to bare it all just yet. But instead of layering with puffy winter coats or fur-trimmed outerwear, add lots of light layers to still stay plenty warm. Layering idea starting right after your undergarment: tank top, basic tee, lightweight sweater, denim shirt, and a trench coat. Now, that may sound like a lot but you definitely don’t have to do them all!

3. Bring in bright/fresh colors & prints
Even if you’re still stuck wearing a lot of clothes in this in-between stage, throwing in some bright colors will keep you from looking (and feeling) like you’re stuck in winter. A heavy sweater can feel like spring if it’s in a blush pink color.

Spring winter boots may sound like an oxymoron, but a pair of boots like this could work for both seasons since they’re in a fresh color and don’t have “winter dated” items like faux fur on them.

This beautiful coat works for spring because of its pale blue color, yet it feels like winter as well because of its length and wool material, without feeling too wintery at the same time.

Look for items that blend spring + winter by choosing your colors carefully! Light pink, lavender, and pale blue are obvious choices but think a little outside the box by finding items in chartreuse, icy green, lemon, and salmon. You will be a stylish and unique fashionista!

4. Choose your outerwear wisely
There are plenty of great options to stay warm during this time. Pack away your heavy outerwear and choose thinner, classic pieces such as a trench coat, bomber jacket, or denim jacket. Get more layering ideas from tip #1 and read the related post below!

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Winter to Spring Transition Outfits

1. sweater + cropped jeans + mules + pea coat
This outfit slowly eases you into spring by showing off a little bit of your ankle without showing tons of skin quite yet. The color white not only makes a great neutral but a perfect color for winter to spring transition outfits because it works well for both seasons.

A long sleeve sweater is still needed and the sophisticated coat adds the much-needed warmth, but could easily be shed later if it gets too hot. Gold and brown are a no-fail color combo, but feel free to add in pops of spring color here!

winter to spring transition outfits

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2. floral dresses + knee-high boots + suede jacket + tights
Floral is always the spring season’s go-to print and mashing it up with winter pieces creates the perfect balance! Darker florals are still best in this transitioning time, but your floral dress doesn’t have to be a heavy knit as you are pairing this look with tights and knee-high boots.

The pairing of a “swishy” dress with a heavier jacket is a great example of mixing fabrics and materials. All in all this look will keep you warm and stylish! If headbands are your thing, this outfit would look extra cute with a headband in a spring color that matches the florals in your dress, or a baker boy/newsboy hat is super cute too.

winter to spring transition outfits

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3. white skinny jeans + pink sweater + utility jacket + suede boots + straw bag
Don’t forget that you can create a cute transitioning outfit by mixing your accessories too. A summer piece like a straw bag mixed with fall/winter pieces like a utility jacket and ankle boots is a cute combo that does not get enough attention!

A green + light pink combo is perfect for spring while the darker ankle boots keep this look anchored. White jeans work year-round so they are perfect for both seasons.

winter to spring transition outfits

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4. lightweight maxi skirt + pink chunky sweater/cardigan + combat boots
Your chunky winter sweaters will look still great in spring and not only that, but they balance out a chiffon maxi skirt well. Unless you’re wearing tights, a maxi skirt will probably still be your go-to during this transitioning season. Chunky combat boots finish off the look, balancing out the flowy maxi skirt and spring colored sweater.

winter to spring transition outfits

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As you can see, when you mix and match heavy + light fabrics, add in brighter colors, and layer, you are easily able to create stylish winter to spring transition outfits!

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