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What Necklace Do You Wear With Your Neckline?

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Wondering what necklace do you wear with your neckline?

This is a question that can trip up even the most seasoned fashionista. Sometimes a seemingly perfect top and necklace combo can just feel off when paired together. Thankfully, with a bit of smart styling and attention to detail, you can pin down the perfect piece to accentuate your neckline flawlessly. This guide will help you get a better idea of which necklaces work with some of the most common necklines you’ll encounter.

What Necklace To Wear With Your Neckline


When deciding what necklace to choose, a good rule of thumb is to find pieces that follow the same shape as your neckline. For v-necklines, this usually means short pendant necklaces. They form that same “V” shape, which enhances the flattering shape of this neckline and keeps them from slipping beneath your collar and getting lost. However, longer pendant necklaces can work too! You can even layer them for a bit of added interest.

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Crew Neck

If you’re looking for the perfect necklace to pair with a crew neckline, you’re in luck! Pretty much every necklace you have in your collection will work perfectly with this versatile neckline, from dainty pendants to chunky statement pieces. Feel free to get creative by layering different necklace lengths, or keep things simple with a classic pendant necklace.

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You may think high-neck or turtleneck styles would be the hardest to style when it comes to necklaces, but it’s much easier than it seems! The key is to find a necklace that’s long enough to hang past the bulky part of your collar without looking awkward or constricting your neck. For this reason, long pendant necklaces are a popular choice. Other chic options include medium length chains or even a pair of statement earrings in place of a necklace.

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Just like with high-neck necklines, when finding a necklace to wear with a collared shirt, it’s important to take your jewelry’s length into consideration. If you’re wearing your shirt buttoned to the top, you’ll want to go for a longer necklace that won’t get caught on the collar. However, popping open the first couple of buttons on your shirt leaves you with more of a V-neck style that allows you to wear your shorter necklaces with ease.

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Square or Scoop Necklines

For square or scoop necklines, now is your time to break out the statement necklaces! Since these necklines show off a large expanse of skin, they make the perfect blank canvas for chunky or bold necklaces. Chokers and more rounded necklaces like a strand of pearls or a chunky chain are also the perfect complements to these necklines.

what necklace to wear with your neckline
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Seemingly small details like choosing the right necklace can make a huge difference in your final look. In addition to these tips, remember to always go with your gut! If your look feels off to you, keep on experimenting to find what does work for you. But if you’re still feeling stuck on which necklace is the right fit, referencing this guide can give you a bit of inspiration for creating a winning outfit.

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