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3 Versatile and Stylish Work Outfits

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“I would love to see OUT OF THE NORM ideas on how to dress professionally/officially for work and how to tone it down to casual by the end of the week.”

That is a snippet of an email I got a couple of months ago. Sorry, S, for sitting on it so long! Now with life *somewhat* getting back to normal and people heading into the office again, it felt like it was better timing to do this blog post.

Though I’ve worked in an “office” before (check out my Instagram post to see why I did quotes around that word haha), I currently work from home so I picked the mind of my bank working sister so I could give you all sides for this blog post….from the mind of an office gal and the mind of a fashion gal! Here’s my take on “out of the norm” work outfits that are not only stylish but can be toned down to casual looks by the end of the week!

Out of Norm Versatile and Stylish Work Outfits

When you think of work outfits you probably don’t think of bodysuits, but they actually make a lot of professional-looking ones and it gives you a seamless tuck. They’re versatile too and are great for dressing up or down!

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One secret to unique yet professional work outfits? Printed chinos! I did one workwear fashion post here a while ago and it was focused on Old Navy items. They have a great affordable yet comfy workwear section and their pixie and stevie pants are worth a special shout out. Their cut is professional yet they come in fun prints. And no, this isn’t sponsored!

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Pleated and/or bright colored skirts are a great way to add some style to your outfit. Plus, when it comes to that casual Friday, they look extra cute with fashionable sneakers!

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Chambray shirts are a great clothing item to make anything feel casual. Fashionable sneakers and/or slip ons are still more appropriate than your running shoes, but are casual too!

I hope my take has inspired you to dress in things out of the norm as well as give you ideas on ways to make your work outfits work for you all week! Looking for ways to look classy at work too? Check out this post on classy outfit inspo!

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