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  1. Love all these styles! Looks like my closet. Burberry coat, LV and Delveaux handbags, Hermes scarves. These never go out of style.

  2. Part of my bucket list this summer was to learn sewing because I loathe shopping. But, there aren’t any sewing machines around, so I’ll just have to shop my closet and revamp my looks. At least stores/malls are opening up and I can pick up some essential pieces. I collect scarves and my SO gifted me a gorgeous Hermes scarf just last week.

  3. Lovely all of the looks you presented, could see myself in most of them without too much shopping!!! Thank you for your inspiration. To Ely’s, as I am a petite there is not many things I don’t have to introduce to my sewing machine, when you are able to purchase a machine go for it. I would be quite lost without mine. Just this morning I have been changing a mock neck to a crew neck and I live the pullover so much more now!!!

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