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4 Cute Shoes That Go With Everything

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If you haven’t heard it before, you’ll hear it here now: the shoes you select can make or break your outfit. While choosing the wrong pair of shoes can quickly result in a fashion faux pas, finding that perfect pair to suit both your outfit and your style can elevate a so-so look into one for the books. That’s why in today’s post I’ll be sharing four of the best shoe styles you can get your hands on. All of these styles are chic, classic, versatile, and (best of all) comfortable enough to wear just about anywhere. Let’s take a look at four shoes that go with everything!

4 Cute Shoes That Go With Everything

Ankle boots

One of my favorite pairs of shoes that should be in every wardrobe is a fab pair of ankle boots. These shoes will absolutely be your go-to during the colder months and can even be flawlessly transitioned into spring as well. For the perfect pair, go for neutral colors. You can for a high or a low heel, but make sure the pair you select can be worn comfortably all day; you may want to steer clear of the stilettos and go for a more practical pair.

These stylish shoes can also be worn with countless casual outfits. A black boot, in particular, looks great with everything from blue jeans to dresses, like the one shown below. I especially love the juxtaposition of the flirty floral dress with an edgy biker jacket and leather boots. It’s all about balance!

White sneakers

Lovers of glam and/or feminine style are probably sweating right now, but never fear! You won’t be running any marathons in this versatile, simple shoe. The perfect pair of white sneakers are clean, sleek, and low profile. When shopping for fashion sneakers, think less Nike and Adidas and more Superga and even Golden Goose. These brands ditch the sportier elements in favor of a style that can be dressed up or down whenever the occasion calls for it. These classic sneakers are sure to be one of your favorite casual wear options!

One hot look right now is a pair of stylish sneakers dressed up with a more feminine skirt or dress. This combo perfectly combines casual and more formal elements for a chic, high-fashion look that’s super on-trend at the moment.

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Ballet flats

When many people think of comfy shoes, they think of ballet flats, and for good reason! This classic style is great for just about every occasion; they look amazing for casual wear, formal events, and even make for the perfect work shoes. You truly can’t go wrong! When selecting your perfect pair, basic colors will never steer you wrong, but also don’t be afraid to inject some bright colors or a pattern in there to spice things up. We all know leopard is a true neutral!

When looking for the perfect way to wear your ballet flats, ask yourself this question while getting dressed: would I wear this look with pumps? If the answer is yes, then there’s a very good chance that flats are a perfect (and much more comfortable) choice! They retain that same air of professionalism, but with a much higher comfort factor.


Grandma chic? Totally here for it! They add a sophisticated and polished look to your jeans, black trousers, or any number of work outfits. If you’re worried about looking old-fashioned, try pairing them with something your grandma would never wear! Adding in more “modern” touches like a leopard print faux fur coat, straight leg jeans, bold sweater, or oversized blazer is the perfect way to bring these comfortable shoes into the 21st century. And if your grandma would still wear these fabulous outfits, then props to her!

There are plenty of different styles of loafers out there, ranging from simple smoking slippers to menswear-inspired styles, and even slip-on loafer mules. These are all great options, but make sure to consider your own personal tastes and lifestyle first. if you’re working in an office environment you’ll probably get more use out of a classic and neutral leather pair. However, if you’re going to be wearing them casually, a pair of loafer mules may be right up your alley!

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So, what now?

If you’re in the beginning stages of building your perfect wardrobe, these a four shoe styles you’ll seriously want to consider. They’re all endlessly versatile, timeless, and comfortable enough to spend all day in.

So now that you know which styles of shoes to get, where do you get them? If there’s a style you just want to give a test run, or if you’re going for a trendy pattern, it may be smart to go for a more affordable pair first from a brand like H&M or even Target. These brands make shoes that are pretty decent in quality, but with a very affordable price tag. However, if you’re after a pair that’s going to be with you for years, it might be worth making an investment!

For the biggest bang for your buck, leather is always a great option; it ages beautifully and will last for several years, possibly even decades. You’ll also want to avoid going for any colors and patterns that are too out-there. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in these shoes and they should pair easily with most outfits! Neutral tones like black, brown, tan, nude, and yes, even leopard, will be your safest options.

No matter what you go for, here are some top-rated brands for comfortable and high-quality shoes!

Madewell– Check out these boots, these flats, these sneakers, and these loafers
Everlane– Check out these boots, these flats, these sneakers, and these loafers
Sezane– Check out these boots, these flats, these sneakers, and these loafers

Do you have all of these shoes in your wardrobe? If not, what are you missing?
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