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4 Graphic Sweatshirt Outfit Ideas

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Graphic sweatshirts are fun to wear and a great piece to have in your wardrobe! They can be dressed up or down and are comfy to wear while adding a little interest to your wardrobe! In this post, I’m taking one sweatshirt and giving you 4 different graphic sweatshirt outfit ideas!

Graphic Sweatshirt Outfit Ideas

1. over a dress

Have you ever tried wearing a sweatshirt over a dress before? It’s fun and you look put together while still being comfy! It gives your dress some double duty action too because your dress acts as a skirt! What dresses do you have in your closet that would look good as a skirt?

sweatshirt | bag | dress (tjmaxx, similar)

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2. with a blazer
I love the mix of something casual like a sweatshirt with something fancier like a blazer! It’s a great outfit mix and nails chic + casual. The straight leg jeans + loafers add a Parisian touch too!


3. tucked into a skirt
Can we say perfect fall outfit? I love the mix of a high waisted skirt with a sweatshirt tucked in. Definitely cute and not something you see every day! Nows a good time to add a cool belt to show off that waist!

sweatshirt | skirt (thrifted, similar)

4. with jeans
Sometimes you just want to go all-out casual and that’s good too! This ever so classic jeans and sneaker combo is great for the weekend. Or any time really! Not much else is needed for this look except maybe some sunglasses and a cute handbag!

sweatshirt | shoes

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Do you tend to wear a lot of graphic sweatshirts?

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