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Timeless Style | How to Always Look Timeless

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Imagine having a look that defies time and remains stylish and elegant eternally. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Well achieving that look of everlasting style isn’t as difficult as you might think! Creating a timeless wardrobe is one of the most simple ways to achieve a classic look that will always be considered fashionable.

To see the effectiveness of classic style, you only have to look at the style icons over the years. Think about Audrey Hepburn. She passed away 27 years ago, and yet we still covet her classic style. Her timeless look of sophistication will likely always be remembered. This is the beauty of having a refined, classic personal style. But how exactly do you go about achieving this look? Read on for some of my best tips for having a timeless style!

How to Get Timeless Style

In a world full of fast fashion, this one is especially relevant today. I think most of us can agree that trends are fun. After all, it’s exciting to mix things up with new styles and experiment with a new look! But, while taking part in some trends is fun, you may want to think twice about incorporating them too much.

The problem with trends when it comes to classic style is right in the word “trend”. These styles are almost always fleeting and having a wardrobe composed of only (or even mostly) trends will date your look over time. So next time you see a current trend that speaks to your style, go for it! But use caution when shopping and don’t overdo it on something that may not be in style a few months down the road.

2. Add simple accessories to simple looks

Coco Chanel is said to have stated, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” And, if there’s one person that knew a thing or two about timeless style, it was her!

While I love accessories just as much as the next girl, keeping things simple is the best way to refine your look. You may even want to consider finding a signature item, such as a gold pendant necklace or silk scarf to create a classic look that’s all your own.

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3. Gather inspiration from sustainable fashion stores

Pinterest is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to gathering outfit inspo, but have you considered using other resources? Many classic style clothing brands such as Sézane and Madewell offer online lookbooks that are a great way to find outfits ideas. These labels are masters at creating timeless pieces and these lookbooks are perfect for showcasing their classic essential pieces.

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4. Wait to try out the latest trend

As we’ve learned, shopping for and wearing new trends can be exciting! But it’s also a quick way to lose originality in your style. When certain styles are trending, you’re likely to see tons of people wearing them on social media and in real life. This is often why they became trends in the first place! So whenever you see one you really like, give it some time to settle and see if you genuinely like the trend or if you’re just being influenced by what others are wearing.

After waiting, if you decide that you still like the trend, it’s time to think about how it will fit in your wardrobe. How can you style this trend? Does it match other things in your wardrobe? Is it really “you”? It’s also a good idea to only wear one trend at a time to avoid the dreaded “trend salad” appearance.

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5. Gather inspiration from iconic women

Grace Kelly. Audrey Hepburn. Coco Chanel. Katharine Hepburn. These women are all considered style icons, and for good reason. Their classic style is still aspirational even to this day! Look up some of their style photos and pay attention to the details. What elements of their look make them so chic? Gathering outfit inspiration from these timeless women is a great way to refine your own style and create a look that will never go out of style. Watching old movies is another good way to get some inspiration!

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6. Shop less to buy better

When it comes to creating a timeless wardrobe, quality is absolutely everything. After all, timeless style requires pieces that are going to be, well, timeless! Thankfully, since you won’t be running out to buy every new trend that hits the shelves, there’s not as much shopping required for a classic style. Instead, your wardrobe should be comprised of well-made building blocks that will create the foundation of your look.

This means spending a bit of extra money on items such as a little black dress, leather jacket, and trench coat that are made from good materials that will last for years to come. If you’re apprehensive about spending too much money here, never fear. There are tons of brands like GAP and H&M creating fabulous basics for a classic wardrobe. You can also try your hand at thrifting for some great hidden gems.

7. Focus on neutrals, simple prints, & structured classic pieces

When looking at those photos of timeless style icons, you probably notice lots of neutral colors and pieces such as turtlenecks, ballet flats, a tan trench coat, and tailored jackets and slacks. These are all pieces that are classic, neutral in color, simple, and/or structured!

This did have a lot to do with what was in style at the time, but the fact remains that these are still considered essentials to timeless fashion, even in today’s fashion world. Simple, neutral pieces with a good fit are incredibly versatile and will go a long way in giving you that refined, elegant, and timeless style.

8. Shop from classic/timeless brands

Possibly the easiest way to look timeless is by shopping from timeless brands. These are the brands that are still considered fashionable after all these years and whose pieces stand the test of time. Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, and J. Crew are all household names that are synonymous with quality and classic style. And, if you have the spare change, you can never go wrong with a little Chanel.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to create your own iconic and timeless looks! If there’s one thing to remember from this post, timeless style is all about quality over quantity; one amazing cashmere sweater or silk blouse is way better than multiple cheap polyester ones. For more ideas, check out this post on capsule outfits that build a timeless wardrobe!

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