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6 Items To Pack Away for Spring (And What to Replace Them With!)

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There’s nothing quite like the excitement of starting a new season-especially spring. It’s a fresh start to life, nature, and well, your wardrobe! In an effort to maximize your wardrobe, you may be tempted to keep wearing your winter clothes in spring. And though there’s a right way to do that, there are some clothing items that are best left in the fall and winter seasons. Here’s a quick guide on the 6 items to pack away for spring and what to replace them with!

1. Pack Away: Faux Fur

If you haven’t already, it’s time to put the fur away. This material is best worn in fall and winter and doesn’t quite look season-appropriate in spring.

Keep: Suede

Even though the weather starts to warm up in spring, we can’t exactly switch over to all the lightweight linen pieces yet. However, suede is a great alternative to faux fur!

Suede is more lightweight and still adds “weight” to your look without bogging it down. Plus, a suede jacket is a great versatile staple to have for spring. Your suede item doesn’t just have to be a jacket however, you can find this material in shoes, skirts, and purses too. If your suede item is darker, pair it with lighter colors so your outfit reads spring and not fall.

2. Pack Away: Heavy Outerwear

Though it’s especially hard to pack away your outerwear when living in the midwest (you don’t know what to expect), rest assured that there are good alternatives to the thick wool coats, puffer coats, and fur-trimmed coats.

Keep: Denim Jackets, Motorcycle Jackets, Bomber Jackets, and Trench Coats

These jacket options are more lightweight than their counterparts, yet they’re still classic and go with everything. If you need extra warmth, these are all lightweight enough to layer something underneath them too.

A denim jacket could go under a trench coat and a sweater could go under a motorcycle jacket, for example. No need for a puffer coat and guess what, extra layering will make you look extra stylish too!

3. Pack Away: Thick Cardigans

Even though they’re super cozy, thick and chunky knit cardigans tend to look more cold weather than warm weather.

However, there are exceptions to this! A chunky cardigan can look really fabulous in spring when paired with a lightweight cotton dress, especially if it’s a floral dress.

Keep: Lightweight Cardigans, Kimonos, Robes, Long Duster Coats

These are such a nice, lightweight way to add coverage to your outfit. Let’s say you have a spring/summer dress you love, but you don’t feel like showing your shoulders/back/arms at the moment. Or a certain occasion calls for something more covered up. That’s when these lightweight pieces come in handy.

They are pretty, season-appropriate, and work as a layering or confidence piece without having to look silly wearing something too heavy in warm weather!

4. Pack Away: Blanket Scarves

Blanket scarves were a lifesaver in the cold fall and winter months, but it’s time to retire them. At least for now!

Keep: Silk Scarves

Silk scarves are so chic. Not totally sure if they’re your style? A lightweight skinny scarf casually draped around your neck can also work.

Also, what’s amazing about these is that you have many options. You can tie them around your hair, bag, wrist, waist, and more. The options are endless! 

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5. Pack Away: Chunky Sweaters

Just like chunky cardigans, it’s time to put the thick turtlenecks, heavy sweaters, and chunky knits away and bring out some lighter materials.

Keep: Lightweight Sweaters

A totally classic and lighter way to look and feel cozy. Lightweight cashmere sweaters are a French woman’s staple too, so you can rest assured that you’ll look oh so chic!

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6. Pack Away: OTK Boots, Winter/Snow Boots

They helped us look stylish throughout the snowy months, but it’s time to move to shorter styles now and show some leg! Even if they are covered up with tights and leggings still. 😉

Keep: Ballet Flats, Sneakers, Mules, Loafers, Espadrilles

All of these shoes are easy to wear, versatile, perfect for spring, and classic. If you were wondering what should be in your shoe capsule wardrobe, you’d find these timeless styles.

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Keep in mind that these ideas are guidelines, not strict rules. Outfit magic can be created when women mix and match to create a style that’s uniquely them.

Boots in spring with denim shorts? Cute! A chunky cardigan with a floral dress? Sweet!

If you do “break the rules”, just keep in mind that it looks best to mix and match the styles for a stylish spring look.

If you keep wearing your faux fur coats with tall boots then you’ll just look like you’re dressing for fall and winter still! Take elements of f/w and elements of s/s for a cool and stylish look.

This list of items to pack away for spring was a great start. But for more help on putting together spring outfits, keep reading!

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things to pack away for spring
items to pack away for spring


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