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    • I was just in France, all parts of France; small mountain towns to Paris. No one looked like what you are posting!!! NO ONE. Stripes are NO WHERE!! Nike’s are in, color is in, wedges are in, espadrille what ever they are NOT THERE!!! I watched on French TV a French Fashion designer say, to a CNN reporter, “ French want to look American. It is the Chines and Americans that put a Persian look to us”.

      • Hi, Jill! Thanks for your feedback. Your trip sounds amazing! I’ve been to Paris myself and just how people have their own unique style in America, they have it in Paris too. Not everyone wears stripes, just as not everyone wears Nikes 🙂 I have some French fashion interviews coming up where true Parisians are talking about their love for classic style that I think you’ll really love! Also, French icon Jeanne Damas rocks a mean espadrille 😉

    • True! Hard to know what was black and what was just the coloring of the photos, but even back then neutrals were always a win 🙂

  1. Audrey was such a class act, no matter the situation. Her style has always been so iconic and enviable. I love your recreations of some of her best outfits!

  2. WOW, so many gorgeous, classicly beautiful looks to be inspired by! I love your recreation of them. It’s crazy that they really do evoke a French-girl style, even though she was not French!!

  3. Hi there! I found this blog post through Pinterest and I LOVE the first scarf you are wearing. When I click the link provided it takes me to Etsy, but I don’t see the same scarf:( Is that where you got it from? And the pleated pants and square-toed loafers are different in the links too; I also love those! I would love to know where you got them:) Thanks so much!

    • Hi, Holly! The scarf is thrifted so unfortunately, I can’t link to the exact item, so that’s why it says similar outfit deets- it was the best I could find online! The loafers are from Target and still out of stock, but you can keep checking this link to see if they come back. The pants are from TjMaxx and not online- so that’s also why it says similar outfit deets- because they were the closest I could find online as well! Hope that helps and thank you SO much for your comment and stopping by my blog!

      • Thank you so much for getting back so quickly! I just now realized you wrote “similar deets” next to the listed links; sorry about that haha. I’m so sad about the scarf, but it’s an amazing thrift find for you!
        Thank you for all your tips and help, and I love all of your fashion wisdom in your blogs:)

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