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The Best Baby Christmas Gifts That Both Baby and Parents Will Love

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Whether you’re shopping for your grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or even looking for ideas for your own kids, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of gift ideas out there, but what about a great gift guide that both babies and parents will love? Get something that both moms and babes will love and you’ve got a double whammy- two gifts for the price of one!

Speaking as a parent myself, we love it when someone thinks about our kids and wants to give them thoughtful gifts. We love it, even more, when they take the parents into consideration as well! It’s nice to have toys that don’t look out of place in our living room and encourage imaginative play while also being able to be used for different activities. Sounds like a tall order- but don’t worry, I’ve got some of your next favorite gifts here!

Generally speaking, to the gift giver, it’s best to stay away from loud and flashy items and neon bright colors. Some of the best toys are the simple ones. But, there’s no need to take a shot in the dark. Find one of the best baby Christmas gifts on this list!

The Best Baby Christmas Gifts

Activity Gyms

An activity gym/play mat is a perfect gift for many reasons! An activity gym not only encourages tummy time, but it helps with motor skills and developing hand-eye coordination. Different textures and different colors encourage play and exploration, aiding in mental and brain development. The best part is that moms can free up their arms and set their baby down for a bit, knowing that their baby will have something to play with.

An activity gym and play mat has always been one of our favorite toys and moms especially love this Lovevery play gym. Boasting a 5-star review, this play gym grows with the child from baby to toddler, providing a whole year of fun while also promoting the baby’s physical, cognitive, visual, and motor growth. You can check out some budget-friendly options below:

Educational Toy

Parents just want the best for their children. And that desire doesn’t stop when the holiday season rolls around! When it comes to baby Christmas gifts, you can’t go wrong with an educational toy. For babies, this could be a bead maze (to develop hand-eye coordination), shape blocks (to get started on learning shapes), or a knob puzzle (for cognitive skills and logical thinking). Check out the widget below for more ideas!

Board Books

I think I can speak for the majority when I say that parents don’t get tired of receiving new books! We all know how important reading is for a child’s development, but reading the same thing over and over again can get real boring real fast. Getting a new book is like Christmas. And in this case…literally!

And of course, babies will love these board books too because they’re made for little hands and little fingers. Plus, they’re more fun to chew on. Because we all know babies will be chewing on them. And if you find a book that’s not too baby-focused, then this gift can grow with them and they’ll enjoy looking at the pictures and pointing at things for years to come.

Push Walker

A push walker is another great idea for a gift that will grow with them! When they have learned to sit up, babies will love playing with the activity center and as babies start to pull themselves up and eventually walk, they’ll be cruising along on this!

A push walker strengthens the core and arm muscles and is also helpful for improving balance and helping the baby to stand themselves. A gift like this can engage a child in many ways!

Handheld toy (rattle toy, activity plush, bumpy ball)

A small toy may sound simple, but with different colors, textures, and patterns, it will be more invaluable than you think! Whether parents are going to a restaurant or trying to keep their baby quiet during church, a hand-held toy doubles as an activity center and helps to keep babies entertained.

Plus, a toy like this encourages babies to explore and discover. Finding a toy that can attach to a stroller or car seat too provides extra versatility too.

Lovey Sensory Blanket

A sensory lovey blanket with different tabs has been a very much well-loved toy in our house! They’re easy to grab onto for babies and the ribbon tabs provide comfort, play, and security.

An item like this engages the senses and could be used as a comforting blanket, a way to play peekabo, or even double as a teether.

Crinkle books

Little hands love holding and crinkling these books! They are great for early development and can double as a teething toy too.

The bright colors will capture the baby’s attention and the crinkle feature can improve the baby’s audio recognition and motor skills. The texture provides sensory interaction, making these interactive books something that will keep babies engaged and happy!


Blocks are a perfect gift that can grow with babies. As a new baby, they certainly won’t be building towers, but as they start to grow and develop, they can grab the blocks and bang them together. As they get older, they can stack them and even sort by color.

If you’re looking for a toy to grow with them and help with fine motor skills, then blocks are a great choice!

Wooden Name Puzzle

This is a great toy that’s not really a toy at all! Just like the wooden blocks, this Montessori activity gift can grow with them and be used for a long time.

As a baby, they’ll have a good time learning how to grasp and pick up the letters and as they grow and develop, they can learn letter recognition and even spelling too. Plus, getting their name is a nice personalized touch!

Teething Rings

New parents will quickly find out that babies love to put everything in their mouths. Help them out by getting some mouth-appropriate pieces.

Plus, teething can start as early as 4 months and lasts way too long, so getting some teething rings in natural rubber or wood is a practical gift that will be used very often!

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Anything by Melissa & Doug

When it comes to the best gifts, something by Melissa & Doug will never fail you! New moms and seasoned moms alike love Melissa & Doug for practical, fun, and aesthetically pleasing toys for both baby boys and girls.

Melissa & Doug, or similar Montessori gifts, are especially great if you’re shopping for a family that leans toward the natural, minimalist side. Some of their best sellers for babies are their pull-back cars, soft baby toy, bead maze, and walker toy.

Something Personalized

This is the perfect time of year to do something special. Do you have a special skill such as woodworking or sewing? Whether it’s hanging up the personalized ornament or embroidered stocking, or setting out the crafted nativity scene, these personalized items will become a new tradition and family memory!

An Experience

Shopping for the family that seems like they have everything? Or maybe you’re shopping for a family that has multiple kids and they don’t need as much gear the second (or third or fourth) time around. Gifting a fun family experience is something they’ll never forget!

You could get them a gift certificate to a local photographer to get family photos done or to capture a cake smash for the baby’s first birthday. Or you could get them a membership to their local museum, zoo, or aquarium. Maybe you could pay for baby swimming classes or pay for a creative learning class for babies. Or maybe you book a hotel for a family night away or chip in to the family’s travel fund or baby’s college.

An experience doesn’t have to cost a lot, or really anything, either. You can even offer to watch the baby so the parents can have a night out. No one will turn down free babysitting and the baby gets to spend time developing a bond with someone close. It’s a win-win for everyone!


The baby might not get much enjoyment out of this, but I can tell you that parents will! If you’re completely stumped on what to get, diapers are always a practical and useful gift.

Gift Cards

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by what to get or you know that you’re shopping for someone picky, don’t worry. Sometimes gift cards are the perfect present! Whether you get a nice dinner out or a general Amazon card so parents can pick out what they need, you can never go wrong with this. Plus, babies will be happy because the parents will be!

If you’re shopping for a new mom and a new baby, check out the registry to see if there’s anything left after her baby shower. Some moms may love getting baby blankets, diaper creams, body wash, or other things for bath time if they’re new to parenting and have a whole long list of things to get.

And at the end of the day, don’t feel bad asking the parents what the baby needs! This potentially avoids the chance of getting duplicates and you can be sure that your gift will get used. And don’t worry, it will still be a surprise because I can guarantee you that the moms will probably forget. 😉 And hey, it’s not like the baby knows!

Now that you found the best baby Christmas gifts, it’s time to think about the toddlers. Keep reading!
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best baby christmas gifts
best baby christmas gifts


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