The Best Practical and Fun Gifts for Quilters That Will Be Well-Loved

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We all have that one friend or family member that makes the most beautiful quilts. The one that won’t go a weekend without spending a long time in their quilting room crafting cozy sweaters and blankets. She is the professional quilter in your life that has gifted you quilts for your birthday, baby shower, and other special occasions. She is the kind of woman that has been in your life during the highs and lows — even when you didn’t ask her to be. And for that reason, she deserves the right gift that will demonstrate just how much you really appreciate her. Plus, since we have officially entered the holiday season, it has never been a better time to think of great gifts for quilters.

We know that this might be a hard task considering that no one quite understands quilting as they do. So finding the best gifts for seasoned quilters can be so hard that you might feel like you will never buy them a gift that impresses.

Getting them a gift card to their favorite quilt shops might be a good idea, but we have more unique gifts for quilters that will step up your gifting game. From pretty sewing tote bags, computerized sewing machines to erasable fabric marking pens — these will be perfect as holiday gifts.

1. Creative Grids Stripology Squared Quilt Ruler

Any seasoned quilter will tell you that they need a good ruler for cutting fabric. So if your favorite quilter always complains about how time-consuming cutting is, this creative grids quilt ruler will come in handy.

With this ruler, she can cut an entire fat quarter bundle or half yard of fabric without the ruler sliding around. What’s even better is that it will help reduce her cutting time even more by cutting multiple layers of fabric at once.

What people love about this product: “I bought this for my friend for Christmas. I did not know a ruler could make anyone this happy! She says it makes her quilting so much easier because it cuts the strips in no time. If you’re a quilter I think this is the product for you!

2. 13.5″ X 17″-Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting

This second quilting gift idea is perfect if you have someone on your Christmas list whose favorite hobby is quilting.

To make sure that her final product is always perfect, gift her this pressing pad. It’s a great tool for improving the quality of her quilt blocks. Plus, it will make ironing more efficient. She will spend less time ironing and more time brainstorming more creative ideas.

What people love about this product:This mat has upped my quilt piecing game. It makes crisp blocks, which has improved the quality of my end product. There is no odor to mine. Highly recommend.

3. I’d Rather Be Quilting Coffee Mug, White/Black Inside

Even quilters need a coffee break. After hours of quilting, your friend needs the best cup to sip their piping hot coffee. So what coffee mug will be perfect for them? Enter this cute coffee mug! It comes at an affordable price point and it is exactly what your beloved quilting friends need. It’s dishwasher safe and Amazon reviewers say that the decal doesn’t fade easily. Plus this beautiful gift is a great way to decorate their sewing room. If they want they can also use the mug to store their quilting tools.

What people love about this product:I ordered 8 cups in 4 different designs to give as thank yous to quilt guild officers and committee heads. My daughter-in-law had given a similar cup to me a few years ago and it’s in use every time the dishwasher is emptied! The quilters loved the mugs!

4. Oliso M2 Mini Project Steam Iron with Solemate

This portable iron is perfect for avid quilters. This little tool has a lot going for it, and the diamond ceramic soleplate and precision tip make it the perfect gift for quilters. The non-stick ceramic glides effortlessly over delicate fabrics and the detailer tip easily presses hard-to-reach areas.

So if you’re on the hunt for the best gifts for quilters, this Oliso iron is it.

What people love about this product:I am new to quilting and decided to treat myself to a mini iron and wool pressing mat. Fantastic combination. So easy to iron my quilt pieces while sitting down and watching tv. No more standing for hours lifting a heavy iron. I have not yet tried ironing clothes on a regular ironing board, but I think it would work well for traveling touchups.”

5. Magicfly Rotary Cutter Set, 45mm and 28mm Fabric Cutters Kit with Extra 10 Blades

If your friend or family member is still using sewing scissors, get her this rotary cutter — it is a game-changer! It comes with useful tools like a cutting mat and 12×6 Inch Quilting Ruler for Sewing. These tools will make cutting strips quicker and neater than using ordinary scissors. That’s why it is one of the best must-have gifts for quilters.

What people love about this product:I am an old quilter, been quilting for almost 40 years. But I am new to the rotary cutters. I finally decided to try one while making my first denim quilt out of recycled blue jeans. The first cutter I tried had a safety guard that limited my line of vision. After much research, I decided to try this set. I am surprised and delighted at the ease of use and the cutting ability of the cutters. I may never go back to using scissors! They fit comfortably in my hand and I can cut for a long time before getting too tired. The blades are really sharp now, but I’m glad that they came with replacement blades since I am cutting up a lot of denim.

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Replace her ancient sewing machine with this computerized one from Janome. Thanks to its Built-In Automatic Needle Threader, she can say goodbye to eye strain because this machine will allow her to pull down the needle threader, place her thread in the hook, and pull back.

Did we also mention that it comes with an extension table? She can use this surface to support her fabric while she quilts.

What people love about this product: Absolutely LOVE this machine! I had to replace my 31-year-old, non-computer Kenmore, so I chose this one. I had no idea of the helpful innovations that have taken place since then! WOW! I can sew without a foot pedal AND control my speed, at the touch of a button and slider! It will even thread my needle! I love the up/down needle position set also! It runs quietly, makes uniform stitches,100 different ones, and has a nice LED light. It’s lightweight, yet sturdy! AND, mine came with a hard carry cover, a nice extension table, and other accessories.

7. Madam Sew Chalk Fabric Marker for Sewing and Quilting

Behold the Madam sew chalk fabric marker! It’s one of the best gifts for quilters.

With this marker, she no longer has to use a toothbrush and vinegar to try to get rid of chalk marks.

The unique gel ink allows crafters to make clear marks on fabric and it immediately disappears after ironing. Amazing, right?

What people love about this product:After full use of a quilt, this is definitely my favorite marking tool out of the several I tried. The tip is wide but it’s very easy getting used to. The wide tip does make it a little more difficult when using stencils but I still preferred this one over the pounce pad for that method. I went through about half of the chalk but it’s refillable. Not messy at all. The product stays on the project but washes out fully. It was my go-to first choice when needing to mark something.

8. Everything Mary Black Floral Deluxe Store and Tote – Storage Art Caddy for Sewing

Your quilting friends never have to search endlessly for their tools again. This art tote bag features 17 storage pockets for scrapbooks, crafting & more. Besides its cute design, the tote bag is made from strong durable polyester so you don’t have to worry about your sharp tools tearing your bag.

What people love about this product:I am a needlepoint stitcher and as such have lots of miscellaneous items that are used once in a while. This holds everything very nicely organized and in plain sight. It holds considerably more things than other items I have owned in the past. I recommend this to anyone who is a crafter.”

9. Lhedon Ergonomic Grip Seam Ripper 3 PCS, Colorful Large Thread Remover Tool

Make sure that she gets rid of messy stitches with this large thread remover tool. Many satisfied reviewers note that the size of the thread remover makes it hard for them to easily misplace it. So if your quilting friend always loses her thread remover, get her this useful gift.

What people love about this product:I’ve been a fashion designer for 18 years I LOVE a good seam ripper. My problem is I always lose them because they are usually tiny. These three are great because they are the size of a thick sharpie and let you get a good grip and bright colors and size make them more difficult to lose. Highly recommended.

Unless you are a quilter it can be tough to figure out quilter gift ideas. However, with this gift guide, your quilter friend will crown you the best gift-giver ever.

Christmas will be here before you know it, so it’s time to start planning what gifts to get for the other women in your life. To make the search for the best gift easy for you, we have assembled a list of gifts that will mean so much to your friends and family.

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