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New Ways to Style Your Basics | 14 Blazer Outfit Ideas

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Not only are blazers synonymous with both elegant and minimalist fashion, but blazers have a stylish way of elevating the look of even the most casual outfits. If your blazer outfits have been feeling a little stale lately, or you’re not sure how to style this piece, then you’ve clicked on the right post. This closet must-have deserves to be worn fashionably and uniquely! This post is a continuation of the “new ways to wear your basics” series, so below you will get even more chic outfits to copy with these fresh blazer outfit ideas.

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1. With Denim Cut-Off Shorts

blazer | flats | shorts | button-down (similar)

We often see a classic black blazer paired with dress pants to create a formal look. There is nothing wrong with that outfit; it works for a reason! But there is a casual and fun way of styling a blazer – and that’s with denim shorts.

I teamed up my black blazer and a white button-down shirt with denim cut-off shorts to give it an unexpected twist. To complete the look, slip on ballet flats for a more polished feel.

2. With a Sweatshirt, Sweater, or Hoodie

blazer | sweater (similar) | jeans (similar)

To add a casual twist to your blazer, inject some color through a relaxed wardrobe piece, such as a sweatshirt, hoodie, or cropped sweater.

This is an easy way of adding a dash of color and playfulness to a serious look! Finish off with a classic pair of blue jeans and you’ve got yourself a stylish look.

3. With a Buttoned-Up Cardigan

blazer | cardigan | loafers

The next time you think of styling your black blazer with a white button-down and jeans, consider stealing this style idea. Team up your blazer with a camel-hue cardigan instead. It’s a unique (yet still office-approved) top to wear when you want a new look!

Complete this classic style with a pair of statement loafers. The loafer shoe style maintains the polished aesthetic of this outfit while a print adds a pop of interest to your solid-colored look.

4. With a Graphic T-Shirt

blazer | t-shirt | loafers | jeans (similar)

If you work in a laid-back office or have a casual chic aesthetic, try pairing your black blazer with a graphic tee. This pairing exudes so much style!

Adding loafers is a great option as they maintain the sophisticated aesthetic of the outfit too, but can be switched out for a stylish pair of sneakers just as easily. You can wear this business casual look from the office to happy hour with ease!

5. With a Sweater Vest

blazer | jeans (similar) | sweater vest

Look effortlessly sharp by giving your black blazer an update. How? Pair your black classic blazer with a patterned sweater vest!

This is a unique and unexpected pairing and if you choose a sweater vest with some black in it, then the colors will complement the blazer perfectly. For a sophisticated touch, pair your look with ankle boots.

6. With a Silk Scarf Under the Lapel

blazer | jeans (similar) | scarf (similar)

One of my favorite timeless ways of styling a black blazer is with a striped top. It creates an instant classic look that is so easy to put together.

But for a “new” style idea, try accessorizing with a scarf under the lapel to add more visual appeal to your outfit. This is also a great way of splashing in some color and pattern to a basic blazer!

7. With Extra Layers

trench coat (similar) | striped tee (similar)

A black blazer is a versatile piece that can be styled with a variety of jackets. For a fresh update, layer your blazer to perfection by pairing it with a trench coat and denim shirt.

This combo would be the perfect fall fashion look when you want to be stylish and warm. Live in a warmer climate? You may want to skip this one!

8. With a Draped Sweater

blazer | jeans (similar) | sweater | striped tee (similar)

During early spring, fall, or winter, give your everyday wear a cozy and chic update by accompanying your black blazer with a classic draped sweater.

Not only do the neutral hues blend well together, but the cozy knit fabric of the sweater adds interest too. Complete your blazer outfit with dark blue jeans and ankle boots.

9. With a Belt

blazer | sweater | belt | loafers

There are few chicer ways to add a fresh update to your blazer than with a belt – especially with a leopard print belt! It makes the whole look fashionable, plus belting the blazer helps to define the waist and avoid any type of looking frumpy.

Don’t forget to pair your blazer with a classic sweater for a warm and polished finish. Though anything from a white blouse to a basic t-shirt would work too!

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10. With an Active Dress

blazer | sneakers | sunglasses | dress

The warmer months are coming around and that calls for one thing: dresses! An active or tennis dress is an unexpected pairing with a black blazer. This freshens up the whole look and adds a chic touch to your “running errands on the weekend” look.

Accessorize with white frame shades for an eye-catching look that fits the warmer season. White sneakers look great with a white dress and lend that casual chic vibe so effortlessly.

11. With a Belted Scarf

blazer | sweater | scarf | belt | flats

Transform a black blazer by belting it with a scarf! This styling technique adds some interest to an otherwise simple blazer and sweater outfit.

As a bonus, this styling idea not only pulls together the whole look, but it provides extra warmth on a chilly fall or winter day.

12. With a Lounge Set

blazer | sunglasses | lounge set

If you’re out of blazer outfit ideas and don’t feel like dressing up, then try pairing your black blazer with a lounge set. It’s the perfect mix between polished and comfortable! One of the best ways to rock this look is with beige as this color exudes so much class and elegance.

Accessorize this look with beige sunglasses for an effortlessly chic look. Consider wearing it as your next airport outfit!

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13. With a Slip Skirt

blazer | skirt

Want a fresh and fun party look? This is it. Skip pairing your black blazer with a pencil skirt and try this slip skirt instead. The pattern is timeless and the length is great if you don’t like mini skirts.

For some more coverage and a classy touch, I teamed up the skirt with black sheer tights. As for the shoes, pair this sophisticated party look with flats or sling-back heels.

14. With Workout Clothes

blazer | sneakers | workout set

I think we can all agree that one of the highlights of going to the gym is wearing chic workout clothes! If you feel like you live in workout clothes, then consider making a few tweaks to add an elevated touch to your daily uniform.

Simply exchanging your hoodie with a black blazer gives your workout clothes a business-chic update! Finish off your look with sunglasses, a baseball hat, and of course, a stylish tote bag.

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Blazers are well worth the investment for your closet. The only issue is figuring out how to style it in unique and classic ways. Thankfully, this style guide has all the blazer outfit ideas to help you out!

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