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Ready for Takeoff? Here Are Chic Airplane Outfits for Your Next Trip

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One of the joys of traveling is getting to wear chic airplane outfits. I can’t be the only one who thinks walking around the airport wearing stylish travel clothes makes the entire experience so much more enjoyable. Even better? Knowing that when you arrive at your holiday destination, you don’t need to change immediately. Your chic airplane outfit can still be fashionable enough to wear when exploring the hotel or city.

So, how exactly does one create chic airplane outfits? We’ll show you how with these best travel outfit combinations below. Whether you’re going on long-haul flights or short flights, these styling ideas are great to wear when boarding a plane. Get your passport and plane ticket ready and keep reading!

1. striped shirt + wide-leg joggers + socks and loafers + tote bag

chic airplane outfit
chic airplane outfits

shirt | joggers | socks | loafers | bag

This first travel look will make you feel like you’re about to travel in first class. The striped shirt is a style staple for a good reason; it will make your whole look appear effortlessly pulled together. And in terms of comfort, the soft cotton long sleeves will keep you feeling good on long flights.

The next piece to style with your striped shirt is these off-white joggers. I think we can all agree that joggers are a travel essential – especially jogger designs without sayings or graphics.

Give your outfit a sophisticated high fashion touch with loafers. They are one of the best shoes to wear for a chic air travel look. Complete this perfect travel outfit with a black tote bag to carry all your travel essentials and, of course, add a dose of class to your style!

2. trench coat + button-down + leggings + sneakers + tote bag + baseball cap

chic travel outfit

trench coat | bag | button-down | leggings | hat | sneakers

Ready for takeoff? Keep things comfortable by wearing black leggings. The stretch fabric is ideal for a long-distance flight and the style is versatile. Pair it with a white button-down shirt for a chic business casual look.

Normally, you might style your leggings with a hoodie, but for a chic update, pair them with a trench coat instead! This outerwear has a more put-together look and is great for keeping you warm in the airplane cabin.

As for the shoes? Slip on a classic pair of white sneakers that have a chic aesthetic and lastly, accessorize with a tote bag.

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3. cardigan + scarf + joggers + sneakers + baseball cap + tote bag

chic airplane outfit

joggers | bag | scarf | cardigan | hat | sneakers

Look irresistibly chic as you stand next to your carry-on luggage by trying this third outfit idea. The neutral colors are a good choice when you are going on a beach vacation because the beige hues scream sandy beach vibes.

For a chic style aesthetic, button up a cardigan and layer on a scarf. As we mentioned earlier, joggers are a style must-have when traveling and for when you want to be comfortable (they’re better than sweats).

Take the outfit up a notch by accessorizing with cool and chic pieces like a beige baseball cap and white sneakers.

4. two-piece set + oversized blazer + sneakers + tote bag + sunglasses

chic airplane outfit

blazer | two-piece set | sneakers | bag | sunglasses

Two-piece sets are chic for altitude cruising. Our favorite part about these sets is that they are easy to throw on. So if you want to have a fuss-free morning when heading to the airport, this is the set to wear.

The slate color is versatile and cool to wear with other neutrals like this black oversized blazer. The blazer oozes sophistication while still prioritizing warmth and comfort (no onboard air-conditioning is no match for this blazer!).

Skip the fussy shoes and pair your chic airplane outfit with black and white sneakers. Not only will standing in line be comfortable, but it will also be the perfect backdrop when you’re taking those cool passport pictures.

For an off-duty model look, accessorize with black sunglasses. Another highlight of wearing sunglasses at the airport is you can hide how jetlagged you are. Complete your airport outfit with this timeless tote bag (or one like it). Thanks to its practical size and chic look, it is the ultimate getaway accessory. Slip it on your suitcase for easy travel. Overall, this look is the right balance between style and comfort.

5. striped sweater + pull-on pants + scarf + flats

chic travel outfit

sweater | scarf | flats | eye mask | pants

This fifth outfit just screams, “I’ve got a long-haul flight to Paris!” So if you are jetting off to the City of Lights, this is the airplane outfit to wear. Start your look with a Breton shirt to channel your inner Parisian. First worn by the French Navy, and now a wardrobe essential for French women.

The best pair of pants to style with this top are pull-on pants. The silhouette is flowy and not restrictive to wear when going on a long journey. Plus, since they are pull-on pants, you can easily pull them off when you’ve arrived at your destination.

Accessorize your outfit with a beige or camel oversized scarf – it is the perfect layering piece, especially when boarding a plane. Get some shut-eye most fashionably by slipping on an eye mask. And finally, look French-girl ready by wearing black ballet flats.

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6. sweatshirt + leggings + coat + ankle boots

chic travel outfit

boots | leggings | sweatshirt | coat | bag

Master chic airport dressing by elevating wardrobe heroes like a sweatshirt with a long coat. A camel coat is nothing short of stylish. Plus, this outerwear is more than a chic piece – it doubles as an airport layer since the plane can be pretty cold.

Long travel days call for some easy-to-wear pants like leggings. You honestly can’t go wrong with leggings – they are streamlined, comfortable, and can look put together. To take your outfit up a notch, look for a pair like these that have a crease front with piping detail. It’s subtle, but this little detail makes them look more like pants.

For a sturdy and practical shoe choice, choose black ankle boots to pair with your outfit. Those, paired with a chain crossbody bag, gives your outfit an effortlessly fashionable finish.

7. matching lounge set + slides + duffle bag

chic travel outfit

crinkle shirt | crinkle pants | slides | bag | eye mask

Instead of wearing your pajamas to the airport, wear this lounge set instead. They are just as comfortable as pajamas but look 10x chicer. You will easily go from the airport to your hotel room in style with this look. The relaxed fit and crinkle detail is perfect.

Slip on some slipper slides. Not only are they comfortable shoes to get you from gate to gate, but they are undeniably chic. To look like you are about to get on business class, carry this luxe personalized duffle bag. And finally, you’ll need an eye mask to match your lounge set and make traveling extra cozy.

8. basic tee + flared pants + oversized blazer + hat + sneakers + tote bag

chic travel outfit

hat | top | sneakers | blazer | pants | bag | sunglasses

Going on a business trip? This is the best outfit to get you from the airport to the board meeting (with a few different styling swaps when you get there). Copy this look by giving your basic tee a business touch by layering on a blazer. Throw on some flared pants to give your body some shape and your outfit a high-fashion look.

Add a dose of a casual yet chic vibe by accessorizing with a baseball cap and chunky sneakers. And finally, complete your outfit with business-ready sunglasses and a tote bag. Then when it’s time to get to your business meeting, swap the sneakers for loafers and remove the hat.

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Whether you are jet-setting for your long-awaited trip to Paris or staying close for weekend trips, these chic airplane outfits will have you looking fashionable for your next trip.

Now that you have picked a chic airplane outfit, it’s time to focus on flight essentials! Up Next: 13 Flight Essentials that Will Make Flying Better


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