everyday Paris street style

Everyday Paris Street Style

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Looking for fashion inspiration? Look to Parisians. Fashion capital of the world, Paris is known for its effortlessly chic and classic outfits. And though the majority of us may not live in France, it doesn’t mean we can’t dress as we do! I can’t get be in Paris right now, gathering inspiration to bring back to you, so I did the next best thing. I have a photographer on the streets of Paris capturing everyday Paris street style so we can get inspired by Parisian fashion on a whole new level. If you’re looking for fashion inspiration to dress classic and chic, then take a look at what Parisians are wearing right now!

1. black belted coat + gray cuffed dress pants + black lug sole boots

everyday Paris street style

Recreate the look: coat | pants | boots

What’s to love: Starting at the top, you can never go wrong with a classic black belted coat. Notice the length, by the way. Anything that’s knee-length or longer is almost always chicer than a standard hip-length coat.

The wider pant leg looks a bit more casual than super tailored pants for this street style look and fits over the boots well. The boots add some edge to this otherwise classic outfit. Great style mix here!

Why I like it: You’ll quickly see in these photos and around you, that chunky lug sole boots are everywhere. In fact, I just got myself a pair and I’m quite obsessed. They are sturdy and practical for the weather, yet add a chunky edge to your outfit. You can mix styles by pairing them with something feminine and classic, or you can lean into the edginess. It’s up to you!

2. black leather beret + black blazer coat + black tights + black lug sole boots

Paris street style

Recreate the look: beret | coat | boots

What’s to love: The girl is walking alone (not with a bunch of sight-seeing friends) and she’s got mud on her boots- meaning she gets by on foot and doesn’t take ubers. Proof that she’s a Parisian and yes, Parisians wear berets! But instead of wearing it in a “cheesy” way, she’s adopted it into her own personal style by opting for a black leather version.

The black tights and black coat scream “chic”, while the chunky boots dress it down. A perfect mix of edgy chic here!

Why I like it: Yes, leggings may be a bit warmer when it comes to keeping your legs protected, but I’m a big fan of opting for tights when you get the chance. It’s instantly more elevated. But really, this whole ensemble is great. I love the all-black outfit, the leather beret, and the mix of chic and edgy pieces.

3. brown belted coat + blue straight leg jeans + black socks + black patent loafers + black crossbody bag

everyday Paris street style

Recreate the look: coat | jeans | shoes

What’s to love: With a classic brown coat like this, what else do you need? This long, elegant coat is balanced out nicely with straight leg (and slightly frayed) jeans. Even though the shoes are subtle, they still shine! A patent chunky loafer adds another chic element to this look and dresses up the jeans. It looks like she has a simple leather black bag swung across her body. Amour!

Oh, and ladies, get your man a nice coat!

Why I like it: You almost can’t tell, but I love that she’s wearing black socks with her jeans and loafers. In fact, I’ve adopted this look myself in a few fall looks (pictures coming soon!). It’s a practical way to extend the life of your non-boots, plus, it’s just a little bit quirky too. I’ll sound like a broken record if I keep saying I love the coats, but it’s true…

4. white scarf + navy blue coat + blue straight leg jeans + brown heeled boots + green leather tote bag

everyday Paris street style

Recreate the look: coat | jeans | boots | tote bag

What’s to love: Not every Parisian wears all black, yet this fabulous (potentially over 50) woman still looks elegant in her color choices of navy, green, and brown. Notice the knee-length coat, straight-leg jeans (we haven’t seen skinny yet), jeans over the boots (not cuffed), and high-quality leather-looking bag.

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Why I like it: I love this soft fall-inspired color palette (green, cognac). It’s a great way to dress for the season if decking yourself out in orange and purple isn’t totally your thing. Let’s not ignore the classic boots with a heel! A heel instantly dresses up this whole look.

5. brown scarf + red coat + black tights + white sneakers & belted camel coat + black straight-leg pants + white sneakers

everyday Paris street style

Recreate the look (left): red coat | white sneakers
Recreate the look (right): camel coat | white sneakers

What’s to love: We’ve got two outfits here to gather inspiration from. The girl on the left is sporting an oversized and casually draped scarf over a bold red coat. Tights (not leggings) lead to a pair of casual yet fashionable white sneakers. It’s hard to know for sure if she’s heading to work and has a different pair of shoes in her bag, but it’s worth noting that she’s still not wearing running sneakers.

The girl on the right is sporting an elegant belted camel coat, black bottoms, and stylish white sneakers (possibly Converse). And if you look closely, there may even be a pair of white sunnies perched on top of her head!

Why I like it: The elegant coat + white sneakers look is a combination that’s on repeat in my wardrobe. It’s great for everyday Paris street style and it’s great for everyday Iowa style too! The sneakers are practical to wear for mom life, while the coat dresses them up and makes the whole outfit look like a million bucks.

6. long black coat + blue jeans + black lug sole boots & green trench coat + black tights + white sneakers

everyday Paris street style

Recreate the look (left): black coat | boots
Recreate the look (right): green trench coat | white sneakers

What’s to love: Another fantastic duo! The girl on the left is donning a very long coat with blue jeans and chunky lug sole boots. A great mix of chic yet casual. As you can see, mastering those two styles makes up everyday Paris street style!

The girl on the right has a fabulous olive green trench coat. Yes, it’s not a cliche, Parisians actually wear trench coats and this olive pick is still a neutral and a great choice for fall. What looks like tights lead to a pair of crisp, white sneakers.

Why I like it: When it comes to outerwear, I love having a longer length in my wardrobe. It switches up your look and adds an elevated factor to it. Plus, how can I not love outfits with two of my favorite shoe staples? Ankle boots and white sneakers!

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7. gray scarf + dark gray coat + black cropped flared jeans + chunky black lug sole boots

everyday Paris street style

Recreate the look: coat | jeans | boots

What’s to love: A fall go-to combination, it’s simple yet not boring. You’ve got different textures with the wool coat and shiny black leather boots. The jeans are frayed, but they don’t look sloppy, balanced out with a classy coat. Topped off with a lighter scarf, it adds a “pop” of color!

Why I like it: One of my favorite jean styles is finally making an appearance- cropped flared jeans. They’re a nice switch up from skinny and straight legs, plus they pair well with boots!

8. cream baseball hat + white sweater + white jeans + chunky black boots

everyday Paris street style

Recreate the look: hat | sweater | jeans | boots

What’s to love: You know that I don’t live and breathe for trends, but I forecasted in my fall fashion posts the mix of classy pieces with baseball caps- and here is just the start! This monochromatic look of creams and whites is definitely one to copy. Very elevated, yet the baseball cap and chunky boots (Doc Martens?) add a nice casual touch. Oh, and let’s not gloss over those gold hoops!

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Why I like it: Well, I’m instantly going to love any look that’s beige. It’s my favorite color. (Is that boring? It sounds boring.) Yet, it’s still interesting with the different textures. And I just love me a gold hoop, so there’s that. And lastly, I think the baseball cap is a cool touch.

9. beige trench coat + white dress pants + black loafer flats & black coat + blue straight leg jeans + black combat boots

everyday Paris street style

Recreate the look (left): trench coat | pants | loafers
Recreate the look (right): coat | jeans | boots

What’s to love: The girl on the right is rocking a classic beige trench, cropped white dress pants, and loafers. What’s not to love? It looks like she has a laptop bag also slung across her body in addition to her handbag, so she could very well be heading to work. For those in the workforce, take notes on this outfit idea!

The girl on the right is keeping it classic and simple in her black coat, straight-leg denim, and combat boots. Timeless!

Why I like it: You know I’m going to have all the heart eyes for a trench and loafer combo as well as the classic outfit of a coat, jeans, and boots. You can never go wrong with either look!

Though it’s nothing I haven’t said before, maybe these photos will help you see that there are 2 things you should focus on when it comes to classic fashion: an amazing coat and great boots!

Start there for dressing like a Parisian. But really, there are so many great fashion takeaways here from the everyday Paris street style. Let’s recap!

Everyday Paris Street Style Outfit Tips for Fall & Winter

  • Choose tights over leggings for a chicer alternative
  • Add a pair of chunky lug sole boots to your fall & winter wardrobe to dress down your casual looks
  • Wear a wool knee-length (or longer coat) for added outfit elegance
  • Add a scarf to your look for warmth and style
  • If you’re going to wear sneakers, opt for a white and fashionable pair
  • Give your skinny jeans a break and try out straight leg jeans and cropped flares
  • Wear your boots under your pants insteading of cuffing your jeans
  • Top off your outfit with a baseball cap for a casual chic vibe
  • Wear your trench coat with loafers or boots for a classic look
  • If you’re going to add a pop of color, try red
  • Blue jeans are a staple, but black and white are next in line
  • Yes, you can wear dress pants as part of your street style. Just look for a relaxed fit

If this is a post you want to see more of, let me know! In the meantime, get your French fashion fix by checking out the posts below.

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