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How to Rock These Core Aesthetic Outfits and Trends

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As we dive into the new year, fashion trends old and new get ready to take over and redefine our personal styles in 2024 – in one way or another. Personally, my mantra is timeless over trendy. While it can be nice to keep up with current trends, there is nothing I love more than truly classic, elegant pieces that never go out of style. That being said, fashion is meant to be fun! Understanding evolving fashion trends and finding the ways they fit into your personal wardrobe allows you to have fun with your sense of style and keep an open mind. Who knows? You might just find your new thing! 

And yes, new styles and aesthetics can definitely be intimidating at first, but there is always an understated, subtle way to implement them into your everyday wardrobe without letting them completely take over your personal style. Follow along as I take you through a deep dive into some of the most anticipated trends of this upcoming year!

The Bow Trend: A Feminine Flourish

Feminine-focused trends are on the horizon for 2024, and it only makes sense considering their success in this past year. Aesthetics like “Barbiecore” flourished after the premiere of the highly anticipated movie, and made clear the public opinion on hyper-feminine style and accessories.

This sentiment continues into the new year, only this time in the shape of bows. While the girly accessory has definitely been seen and well-loved all throughout last year, its rising popularity is reflected through our favorite celebrities, fashion brands, and social media feeds. In a way, this trend is yet another return of early 2000s and 90s fashion, where bows were beloved and known to adorn hair accessories and clothing. 

From being worn as accessories to adorning blouses, dresses, and everything in between, bows add a delicate and fun touch to any ensemble. Playful and versatile, this trend can be easily adapted to your preferred style – whether you want to go all out or implement it subtly into your everyday. 

1. plissé top + jeans + square toe boot 

bow trend outfit idea

top | jeans | boots 

This first look is a prime example of how super current trends can be easily implemented into classic looks!  

Start with this plunge neck plissé top, ever-so-delicately adorned with two small bows in front. Elegant and flattering, this top works with both its fabric and specific design to bring texture and an undeniably delicate feel to your look. 

On the bottom, these high-waisted black jeans are a great way to complement the top with its straight silhouette, also balancing the delicate nature of the top with a lightly distressed hem. 

Finish things off with these classic square-toe boots that continue the more current, trendy feel of the outfit while simultaneously contributing timeless charm.

2. bow strapless top + pleated skirt + slingback pump + pearl thread earrings 

bow trend outfit idea (2)

top | skirt | pumps | earrings 

This look fully embraces the bow aesthetic, while also staying grounded in classic elements like neutral colors and timeless silhouettes.

This top sets the tone for the look, with a gorgeous large bow that adorns the front. Both for its overall style and silhouette, this piece can be intimidating to style when looking to go a more classic route – but my trick is simple!

By pairing the length and style of the top with a pleated maxi skirt, we can create fluidity and balance when it comes to both color and proportion. 

Finish the look of with a classic pair of slingback stiletto pumps to elongate your silhouette, and delicate pearl thread earrings that continue to complement the feminine aspect of the outfit. 

Grandpacore: Nostalgia Meets Contemporary Cool

Picture well-worn sweaters and timeless blazers, accessorized with a touch of modern charm. Grandpacore is the embodiment of a classic era, effortlessly blending the traditional with the contemporary. Expect to see fashionistas of all ages embracing tweed vests, cozy cardigans, and those timeless loafers that your grandfather might have worn – a tribute to the enduring appeal of vintage fashion! 

For those of us that love anything cozy and fashion-forward at the same time, grandpacore might just be the perfect new trend. 

3. polo-neck vest + cotton shirt + jeans + Mary Jane flats + braided headband

grandpacore outfit idea

vest | shirt | jeans | shoes | headband 

Start off this first grandpacore outfit with a classic oversized button-up shirt, layering it with a polo-neck vest. Pro-tip! Make sure to always bring out your shirt collar when you pair Oxford-style shirts with sweater vests. 

On the bottom, these classic blue jeans feature a high waist and straight leg for the perfect fit without compromising the grandpa vibe. Pair with some Mary Jane flats for an extra dash of vintage flair, and a braided headband that adds both a vintage and contemporary touch at the same time. 

4. cap sleeve turtleneck sweater + blazer + drape pant + Sambas + shopper bag

grandpacore outfit idea

sweater | blazer | pants | shoes | bag

Despite being one of my favorites, a classic oversized sweater is definitely not our only option when it comes to composing a look for this fashion trend. With a monochrome base, this outfit makes use of classic “grandpa” pieces like drape pants, a blazer, and a pair of white sneakers to create the ultimate cool vintage-inspired look.

Gray drape pants get us in the right mood, featuring a high-waisted fit that is both contemporary cool and grandpa chic at once. On top, pair with this cap sleeve turtleneck sweater for a cohesive foundation and the cozy sweater element that grandpacore is all about. 

Throw on your blazer on top – this particular tan style works to warm up the color palette of the look with the earthy tones we (and our grandpas) know and love. 

For shoes, a modern shoe beautifully replaces the chunky sneakers many of our grandparents are known to trust and love, making for the perfect addition to the ensemble. To finish things off, accessorize with a black tote for a complete slouchy, comfy look that is undeniably chic. 

Old Money Elegance: Timeless Sophistication

Also referred to as “Quiet Luxury”, and “Stealth Wealth”, the Old Money aesthetic had its start in 2023 as the elite often opted for logo-less accessories and understated high-ticket pieces. Trading well-known luxury labels for unsuspecting pieces worth thousands of dollars, these influential figures inspired fashion lovers around the world to rethink their approach to fashion.

While quiet luxury brands certainly aren’t a feasible alternative for all, there are a few things that we can take from the old money aesthetic. Beyond the price tag, this trend explores simple silhouettes, high-quality garments, and a great fit as characteristics of elevated basics that embody the essence of luxury and classic style. 

5. wide leg pants + sleeveless turtleneck sweater + cap toe ballet flat + shoulder bag + sunglasses

old money outfit idea

pants | turtleneck | shoes | bag | sunglasses 

Elegant, simple, and the perfect outfit to keep stashed away for when the winter weather begins to transition into spring. This outfit embodies the old money aesthetic for the simple nature of its pieces, the use of natural fabrics, and the effortless pairing of classic accessories and staple designs. 

Pair these elegant loose-fitting linen blend pants with a rib sleeveless sweater for a seamless foundation for your outfit. Along with subtle details like this turtleneck that embodies old money charm, this outfit grounds itself on the timeless appeal of its accessories and its effortless flair. 

The cap-toe ballet flat brings some more visual interest to the shoe, while still very much adhering to the quintessentially classic. For accessories, a simple black bag alludes to the quiet luxury charm with its unassuming feel but structured body, while rectangular sunglasses add simultaneous retro and modern hints. 

6. button knit cardigan + satin maxi skirt + sandal

old money outfit idea

cardigan | skirt | sandals

From attending Sunday brunch to hosting a get-together, this old money outfit has you more than covered for a number of sophisticated occasions. Simple and subtle while still undeniably chic and stylish, this outfit can be reformulated with a wide selection of different pieces and accessories and still maintain its charm. 

This cozy cardigan kicks things off with a classy and modest feel. Its thick knit fabric, rounded neck, and overall straight design make for a luxurious feel along with its delicate button closures. 

On the bottom, this maxi satin skirt adds a modern touch through its slightly more contemporary fabric, creating a seamless and beautiful blend for a complete old money look. 

For shoes, tie the elements of the outfit together with this simple, delicate slide sandal. Featuring two straps and a block heel, this shoe guarantees your comfort as you dazzle in timeless style. 

Jazz Aesthetic: A Melody of Style

The Jazz Aesthetic promises to win over fashion enthusiasts with its soulful notes in 2024. Inspired by the romantic feel of late-night jazz clubs and the genre’s 1920s golden era, this aesthetic features sleek silhouettes and eye-catching accessories that make for a dazzling look – perfect for date night or a fun outing with your girlfriends. 

From faux fur coats to crystal earrings and satin slip dresses, the jazz aesthetic lends the music’s alluring feel to its style counterpart. 

7. pleated mini dress + slingback sandal + clutch 

jazz aesthetic outfit idea

dress | sandals | clutch

When it comes to the evolving style of the jazz aesthetic trend, one thing remains consistent – an eye-catching look that is worthy of dim bars, great music, and even better martinis. 

This look is all about the dress – a gold pleated fabric and high neckline make this design fit for a night out straight out of the movies.

Accessorize with some classic strappy sandals and a simple black clutch that work to polish off the look without detracting from the main event. 

8. sequin top + drape pant + ankle strap sandal + crystal earrings

jazz aesthetic outfit idea (2)

top | pants | sandals | earrings

While dresses long and short are a big part of this style, they are definitely not the only ones that make for a great outfit when it comes to the jazz aesthetic. 

Sequins are another popular style, and the jazz aesthetic is a perfect way to blend the two – starting with this top. 

Simple in design, this sequin top gives you the perfect amount of dazzle to elevate your look without overwhelming the rest of your outfit. For the bottom, pair with these elegant drape pants for an even more sophisticated flair. Accessorize with a simple and sleek pair of ankle strap sandals and crystal earrings for an extra dose of shine. 

Preppy Revival: Classic Elegance Reimagined

With its crisp collars and tailored blazers, the preppy style is expected to make a triumphant return in 2024. This timeless aesthetic channels sophistication with a nod to academia, offering a curated blend of refined elegance and casual comfort. Think pleated skirts, argyle sweaters, and loafers – a revival that effortlessly bridges the gap between classic charm and modern versatility.

9. vintage wide leg jean + fitted tee + knit jacket + watch + penny loafer + sunglasses 

preppy outfit idea

jeans | tee | jacket | watch | shoes | sunglasses 

The preppy aesthetic might be at the top of people’s minds as one of the top new trends of the upcoming year, but it’s always had a special place in my closet! Truly classic pieces make up this style that relies on elevated basics from clothing to accessories – and that is exactly what this first look embodies. 

Starting with these vintage wide-leg jeans, this preppy outfit is the perfect everyday ensemble for all of your errands and leisure activities; after all, timeless can oftentimes be translated to “versatile”!

When I say I love closet staples, I mean it! Plain t-shirts are always great to layer with, and this fitted design is the perfect choice for this specific look. Layer this knit jacket on top for a polished end result you’ll come back to time and time again. 

For an outfit composed of so many elevated basic items, the accessories are essential in giving it its charm. A sleek gold watch, rectangular sunglasses, and a classic pair of leather loafers work together to finish off the look in true preppy style while remaining subtle and understated at the same time. 

10. wool blend sweater + pleated miniskirt + knee high boot + knee-high socks + leather tote

preppy outfit idea

sweater | skirt | boots | socks | bag

For our final look, trade in your white shirts for a stunning sweater that’s full of personality and flair. If you’re looking to go all into the preppy aesthetic, this look might be the one you’ll want to try! Featuring gorgeous pieces all around, this ensemble will have you fully immersed in the style like no other.

A pleated miniskirt starts us off; this style is very reminiscent of other very popular, trendy styles like dark academia. While this particular style of skirt is often worn and targeted towards the younger generations, I truly believe it’s all about the styling!

Over top, this gorgeous Ralph Lauren wool blend sweater adds some personality and a classic feel through its refined design, and its slouchy fit is the perfect layering piece to go on top of our simple skirt.

Here, the shoes are essential in making this outfit a truly preppy ensemble. Pair knee-high socks with knee high boots for the sought-after appeal of this aesthetic. Bring it together with the finishing touch: a black leather tote that continues the slouchy yet put-together feel of the combination. 

Other Core Aesthetics to Know

Much like they always do, these trends encompass a wide array of niche aesthetics that range from different takes on the classic to more modern concepts that are brought on by pop culture moments and the cyclical wheel of fashion. 

Here are some other ones to keep on your radar!

Light Academia: Light Academia is a popular fashion trend derived from academia-themed aesthetics and is well-loved. Think warm sunlight on antique books, reading by the window, and vintage coffee houses. How could you not love that?

Now want to dress the part? Imagine a bookish, modern Victorian vibe with a twist. Key elements include flowy blouses, sweaters, and pleated skirts. Add oversized blazers and waistcoats for an effortlessly cool vibe. High-waisted trousers, midi skirts, and collar dresses in light neutrals are the foundation. Look for details like embroidery, ruffles, and lace. To accessorize, wear round glasses, vintage jewelry, leather satchels, and loafers or oxford shoes. Voila! You’re all set to delve into the intellectual yet nostalgic world of Light Academia.

Cottagecore: Cottagecore, a delightful trend with a soft spot for everything rural and homey, has swarmed social media recently. With a romantic nod to the countryside living, it evokes nostalgia and embraces the charm of simpler times.

How to wear it? Think floral dresses, fluffy cardigans, lace-edged skirts, and Peter Pan collars. Pair high-waisted jeans with puff sleeve blouses for a relaxed look. Quirky print bandanas and delicate embroidery are fabulous additions too. Loafers, clogs, and ballet flats complement this aesthetic. Keep in mind, cottagecore is more about comfy and natural, so go easy on makeup. Let the simplicity of rural life inspire your style.

Vsco Girls: Vsco Girls are inspired by the Vsco editing app and their style has swept through schools like wildfire. These cool yet casual ladies don long, oversized tees with Birkenstocks or Crocs. Their arms are heavy with beaded bracelets and scrunchies. Colorful Fjallraven Kanken backpacks complete their look.

Distressed jeans, pastel colors, and shell necklaces transport you straight to a beachy Californian landscape. “Save the Turtles” is their mantra, championing eco-friendliness by sporting metal straws and Hydroflasks. Get your oversized tee, slip into some comfy footwear, load up on bracelets, and there you go! You’ve unlocked the Vsco Girl look. Keep it natural, casual and free-spirited!

Coastal Cowgirl: Coastal Cowgirl is a unique blend of oceanic charm and Wild West style. To wear it, start with staples like a pair of weathered jeans and a comfy tee in coastal hues of blue or white. A denim or fringed vest is a perfect layering piece.

Finish the look with a hint of the wild west – cowboy boots, and maybe some leather accessories. The true coastal cowgirl doesn’t shy away from ocean-themed jewelry – think turquoise and seashells. As for hair, embrace natural waves as if you’ve just spent a day at the beach. Mix comfort with style and you’re a Coastal Cowgirl!

Coastal Grandmother: Coastal Grandmother is more of a vibe than a literal outfit. It’s an elegant yet comfy ensemble that screams “elegant matriarch holidaying at a beach resort.”

Imagine floaty, sun-friendly linen, pastel or muted floral patterns, wide-brimmed sun hats, chic sunnies, and a lightweight scarf to ward off the evening breeze. To perfect this style, opt for flowy maxi dresses or Capri pants, paired with casual, soft-cotton tops. Loafers or strappy sandals will round off the look nicely.

Remember to keep it comfortable, breezy, and oozing effortless grace. Accessories should be minimal – think pearls or classic watches. This is how you embody the quintessential Coastal Grandmother, no matter what your actual age might be. It’s all about sophistication and timeless style that translates well into leisurely walks on the beach or relaxing by the seaside.

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The Aesthetic Embraces of Modern Trends

2024 is poised to be a year where fashion enthusiasts of all kinds can explore, experiment, and redefine their style in any way they want to, whether you’re looking to take on a whole new look or complement your classic choices with modern touches.

Year after year, we are able to witness the cyclical nature of fashion and the revival of old trends along with the next new aesthetic(s!). In 2024, this lineup of up-and-coming styles seems to do a great job of blending nostalgia, elegance, and feminine charm to create a rich variety of options for those of us eager to explore.

Whether you are looking to give gen-z aesthetics a shot or experiment with your own blend of fashion aesthetics, the (fashion) world is your oyster! At the end of the day, it’s all about feeling your best – the rest will follow.

Want even more tips on how to rock a new style this new year? Up Next: Your Guide to Rocking Trendy Aesthetic Outfits for Upcoming 2024 Fashion


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