cafe set in dining room for a breakfast nook

Chic Breakfast Nook in a Small Home

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I’m baccckkkk!

Well, to be honest, I haven’t actually gone anywhere. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll see that I’ve been writing 2+ blog posts a week for almost 2 years. But to my lovely home decor and DIY lovers, I’m back! Back with my “home chic home” posts and oh how the reunion is sweet!

So why the long absence?

Well, I got pregnant and had a baby and it’s true what people say, babies are money suckers…along with being totally joy giving of course 😉

Then we decided to put our extra money towards an amazing European vacation celebrating our 5 years of marriage and bliss and arguing about where the shoes should go when you’re done wearing them!

And at the same time we discussed flipping our house, selling, renting, but then maybe staying. And if we stay how long? But if we do decide to leave then why put a lot more money into this house?

Being unsure about our future put home projects on hold as well. Naturally!

But now we have plans to do a major, major renovation, like “unsplitting” our split entry and raising the front door- but that’s a post for another day.

Though more like a post for another billion years, because it will be expensive and our goal is to pay it all upfront in cash!

But doing that project will make us want to stay here for a long time, and now I can justify doing fun DIY projects again! Yippee!

Though it’s all on a budget of course. Because our ultimate goal is to be saving up for that big reno!

So, wow. I just know a gazillion word essay for an introduction is what you wanted. If you’re even still reading this and haven’t scrolled past by now 😉 But let’s get into today’s post- what a chic breakfast nook in a small home looks like!

Chic Breakfast Nook in a Small Home

I guess our home isn’t small per se, it’s a comfortable size, but our dining and kitchen area is “just right” and there’s no good extra space to create a breakfast nook.

But I’ve had my eye on a cute french bistro set and breakfast nook for years. And after finding these cute Frenchie chairs for $5 a piece at a local thrift store, I knew I had to create something.

I mean c’mon, what a steal! I would have paid way more. Because even though they were originally not in a color I love, they’re in decent shape and they totally fit my French country aesthetic…which you can put no money on that!

I repainted them with this paint and loved the end result! I’m not sure how the paint lasts yet, but it dries pretty and it didn’t take much paint for this project.

The table was a 50% off find at Hobby Lobby. I loved the height, the price, and the chic design, so it came home with me. Though I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it yet!

Normally I’d say only buy something if you have a place for it, but I’ve had too many regrets of leaving something behind in the name of practicality. Never again!

cafe set in dining room for a breakfast nook

It’s the perfect little spot for a cup of coffee or reading your favorite magazines.

cafe set in dining room for a breakfast nook

Like I said, our house isn’t large, so I tried to find the largest corner in my dining room, whether it really made sense to have another set of chairs there or not. This is what used to be there.

I also tried to keep the furniture lightly painted and the corner simply decorated so it wouldn’t come across as cluttered. Also, if you’re on a budget, check thrift stores, craigslist, and Facebook marketplace for furniture. Small items like chairs and tables aren’t too daunting to makeover. Plus, if you end up not liking the nook, you’re not out much!

Those are my tips if you want to create a breakfast nook yourself in your smaller home!

I’m really happy with how this turned out. You can’t beat the price for this project ($75ish total), and I was able to combine my love for a breakfast nook and French vibes in one!

Feeling crafty? Want to do your own chair makeover? If you try the same paint out, let me know what you think! Oh, and don’t forget to pin this for later!

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