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Cruise Shopping List (&Wish List)

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I hate to be just another cliche and talk about how I’m so over winter, but it’s true. Midwest winters aren’t fun. But actually, I think I’m more excited for what’s to come over being over winter….if that makes sense!

In just a short week we are going on an Eastern Carribean cruise in partnership with Carnival Cruise (woohoo!) and it’s not exactly a vacation, of course, and I’ll be talking about it more and having lots more content when the time comes, but for now, I’m sharing my cruise/tropical vacation shopping list for those that are headed somewhere warm soon or just like to look at warm-weather shopping lists like me haha!

I wasn’t going to buy any new clothes or accessories for this trip because I’m very much a shop-in-your-closet first kind of person and I didn’t need anything. Plus, no shade to other people, but I find it a tad ridiculous to go out and buy twenty-some new swimsuits for a new vacation every year.

But then I won a gift card, considered myself lucky, and decided I should get a couple of new things after all! This was good because as I was putting together looks (I always do this way ahead) I was feeling very uninspired with my wardrobe. I have a neutral summer wardrobe that I normally love and I would fit right in if I were vacationing in Nice or Cannes or something, but it felt so blah for the tropics.

Where were the colors and fun prints?! Part of the fun in traveling is blending in with the new atmosphere/culture while also keeping a part of your personal style. Now my dad is from Barbados and I know that island locals aren’t walking around in their traditional colorful clothes all the time (for festivals, yes), but it doesn’t mean I couldn’t take a break from my normal black and white! 😉

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Some of these things I’m picking up for my trip and some of these are just things that I think would look great on a tropical vacation! Which ones are which? Guess you’ll have to come back to the blog to find out 😉

Vacation/Cruise Shopping List

vacation cruise shopping list

straw belt//A cute and unexpected detail that would be perfect for cinching in your beach coverups, oversized white button-downs, or billowy dresses.

sarong coverup// I don’t think I’ve ever worn a sarong before and I don’t see them much, so once again, something cute and unexpected to add to your beach apparel. Plus, it’s practical too!

pink striped towels// Sure, your hotel or cruise will probably have beach/pool towels, but they’re probably basic white ones emblazoned with their logo! Why not get something cuter that will make you smile? Makes for a perfect photo opp too… 😉

gladiator sandal// The ideal vacation sandal to me is neutral enough to go with everything but interesting enough to add style and a pop to your outfit!

denim cut-offs// I prefer my shorts to be vintage, high waisted, and loose, though however, you prefer them, they’re kinda a must for the laidback summer vibes!

palazzo pants//No matter how warm the place you go is, having a pair of palazzo/gaucho pants is always a good idea. I especially love incorporating them into my travel outfit. Chic yet still comfy, and they have a use for rainy or chilly beach nights.

gold necklaces// Call me extra, but I love the idea of piling on all the dainty, gold jewelry on vacation. Sincerely Jules makes it looks so good and somehow effortless!

gold hoops// see above 🙂

gold anklets// see above and above 😉

palm pajamas// I don’t put tons of thought into my pj’s (I’m still wearing Christmas lamas in February), but I do like having a cute pair to wear. How fun would these be for a tropical vacay?

white dress//White is not only the perfect summer color, but it’s great for adding on your different colors and accessories! A dress like this could easily go from Hawaii to Nice. That’s how pretty and neutral it looks!

straw visor// We all know about straw hats, but what about a visor? Tbh, I thought it would look dorky on me, but then I saw one on Caitlin Covington and it changed my mind! I love to wear my hair up when it gets hot and now I can do that with this!

crochet bag// I have a lot of straw bags, so I love the look of this crochet one. It’s still very beachy while also being different!

turban//I’m excited to try a different style on my trip! Gives off total island vibes.

scalloped swimsuit//I like that this swimsuit screams “cute”, not “sexy”…just what you want for a fun vacay! And how great would this color look against the turquoise waters?

Can’t wait to go on this cruise, create some awesome content, and share it all with YOU! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out my LA trip and the fun we had in Europe! 😉

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