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French Gift Ideas For the Home

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Depending on what life looks like for you right now, it may be a weird time to be thinking about shopping, spending money, or even getting excited about the holidays. The holidays can be a hard enough time as it is for some, without having to deal with extra loss, stress, and financial strain. Hello pandemic!

With that being said, I’m feeling extra thankful this time of year for the blessings I do have, and thinking about shopping for Christmas puts a little extra joy in my step! I’m doing a few gift guides this year (that are all coming out this week!) centered around some of the themes you love about this blog. First up, French gift ideas for the home for all those Francophiles out there! Whether you’re shopping for a fellow Francophile or for yourself, you’re sure to find something in here that will benefit and beautify your home.

French Gift Ideas For the Home

French gift ideas


1. Le Creuset//Pricey for a pot, but that’s the thing, it’s not just a pot. Use it for soups, casseroles, and one-pot meals. Looks beautiful sitting on your shelf too!

2. La Rochere Flutes//Made in the oldest glass factory in France. Use for special occasions or to add a little bit of elegance to your everyday life.

3. Straw Bag//This bag will double as a fashion staple as well as the bag you’ll bring to the market!

4. Appetizer Plates//The writing on the plate? That was how much your drink cost before checks became a thing. How fun!

5. French Toile Blanket//A warm and elegant blanket that will dress up your living room or your bed.

6. Bistro Chair//Pretend that you’re at a cafe people watching even if you’re just in your dining room!

7. French Coffee//Imported from France, this coffee is great for serving after dinner.

8. Bistro Marble Table//Make a fabulous breakfast nook using this stunning marble table and the chic bistro chairs.

9. Espresso Machine//Under $100 with great reviews. What’s not to love? Oh, and did I mention delicious coffee at home?

10. Striped Towels//Lightweight and versatile towels with a classic French design.

11. L’Epicurien Jam//This French artisan jam would pair perfectly with some cheese!

12. Hermes Poster//This vintage poster would look fantastic on a fashionista’s wall.

13. Cafe Pillow Cover//Perfect neutral color that will add a beautiful touch to your home decor!

14. Paris Scene Puzzle//A beautiful scene to complete and a great idea for those that love to host!

15. Croissant Cutter//Do you know a baker that loves to make different pastries? Help them cut the perfect croissant every time.

16. Doorways of Paris//A beautiful book like this will look great on your coffee table and give your guests something to flip through.

17. Bonjour Rug//This cute rug will give you (and your guests) a reason to smile when coming to your door.

18. Pasta Maker//This highly rated machine will help you to create all types of yummy pasta at home.

19. Diptyque Candle// A pricey candle that everyone says is worth it. Not only that, but it will look great on your vanity too!

20. Silky Pajama Set//I don’t know many Parisian that lounge around in sweats, do you? Give the gift of elegance- even when you’re sleeping.

21. Espresso Cups//Beautiful cups that go with #9. Get gift #6 & #8 as well and you’ll have even yourself fooled about where you actually are.

22. Gold Mirror//A beautiful gold mirror? So Parisian. Sitting on top of your fireplace? Even more so.

If you liked these ideas, just wait until you see the rest of my guides. Happy shopping!

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french gift ideas for the home
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